Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Knit and Crochet Blogging - Day 2

What pattern do I aspire to conquer? It's not so much a pattern, but the whole idea of it.

I am not a knitter, I am a proud crocheter and I planned on staying that way. I make so many things in crochet, not so much afghans, as I'm more of an instant gratification girl.

I didn't think I would ever learn to knit and had no desire to learn...

Then I joined Ravelry and I discovered knitted socks....

oh the joy, the beauty, the yarn...the yarn has really hooked me. I have bought skein after skein of sock yarn.

Now I know that I can make plenty of other items out of my sock yarn, but I discovered I really want to make...socks, and not crocheted socks (a little too bulky), but some of those utterly gorgeous patterns of knitted socks. I hanker for them.

So I bit the bullet and asked for a knitting class for Christmas. The Hubs came through and I attended the first part of the class (well in a way) Never made it to the second part, the part with the purling and the binding off bit.

But that's okay.... I have been practicing my knitting, well when I have forced myself to, as I have not developed an appreciation for those pointy sticks yet...

Hopefully, in time, I can make a pair of loverly socks, or maybe just one, as I have seen others do...But that is what "pattern" I aspire to conquer...


  1. You can make a pair of tube socks by knitting in the round :D You'll have to learn some fancy stuff for the toe, but other than that, a sock can be very simple :)

  2. Keep going, you'll get the knack soon. You're more than competent with a crochet hook then you can manipulate knitting needles too. If single pointed ones don't do it for you (I hate them) then try knitting back and forth with a short circular needle: much easier to hold, work with and also hardly any 'weight lifting' involved. You can easily progress to the magic loop method of using two circulars for socks!

  3. Socks are such fun to knit - I don't think of myself as a sock knitter, but when I look at my project page there are an awful lot of socks! I'm just finishing a pair now and already have the next 2 lined up in my mind. I started with crochet and it took me so long to get the hang of knitting. It's so awkward, holding the 2 needles (crochet is so simple and fun, with no awkwardness!), it can be a disaster if you drop it (not so with crochet!), etc. But I finally got tired of what seemed like more beautiful knitting patterns than crochet patterns, so I just stuck it out and now I can knit more easily. You could too!

  4. I think socks are the reason I picked up the sticks again. I still haven't made half the patterns I want!