Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It Arrived...

This is Beeper, wanted to give him a chance to shine. These are the best pictures I've ever gotten, cuz he usually hides in his cage. He likes a clean cage, so will be happy for a few days. The most frustrating thing about him, is when you give him clean water, he immediately takes a bath in it! So you have to give him new water.

So my Mom said she was going to send me a book and I've been waiting for it...It arrived today: I love "Little House on the Prairie" It still is one of my top five favorite tv shows. I had not gotten this book, but had heard about it. My mom had it and sent it to me. Allison Arngrim (Nellie) also has one out that I would like to read. Melissa Sue Anderson also has released a book, but the reviews weren't very good, so not sure I'll read it. However this one came in the middle of cleaning today. I sat down and read the forward by Patty Duke (who I also love!) Then I finished cleaning, took a shower, made lunch and sat down to read. It's good and I'm sure I'll be done in a day or two....I may even read all day.....


  1. I LOVE Little House on the Prairie ... happy reading :)

  2. Beeper is cute! I love Little House, too. I'll have to check those books out.

  3. Beeper is gorgeous and Baloo looks like a character. Enjoy your book. Little House was a big part of growing up for me too.