Monday, June 28, 2010

Waiting on Baby....and a little fiber for the diet

These are my teaching partners K and L...They were due a day apart. L. went about a week early. K. is still waiting. She was due on 6/16. I went to see her this morning. She has been at the hospital since yesterday afternoon. I feel for her as her water hadn't broken yet, they were going to break it around noon. I haven't talked to her, but gonna go back up in a couple of hours. The hospital is within walking distance. She is having a baby boy...and we are all waiting for him to make his appearance...

In fiber news, I've been uploading pics and information on my stash to Ravelry..The first two pictures are of what I've been working on. Right now I am trying to decide how to store it. I have a lot of independent dyers, so going to put those together. But I also have several that I have bought from farm stands or from booths at festivals. Should I put all together, as they are all independent or do I put the farms separate??? I don't store by fiber or weight. I store by brand/name, as that is how I identify them...

This last picture is of what I did last summer. This is all mostly acrylic yarns, but all "big-box" yarns. That window is the only light in the room and it faces another house, so we only get good light about an hour or so a day. That is good for the computer. It's also very warm in this room, which is where the computer is located, too.


  1. That's a great picture!! I seriously wish I could be that organized!

  2. Goodness, you might have a yarn addiction! lol

  3. I guess storing the farm yarn with the indie yarn depends on whether you have enough for two separate totes. If the answer is no maybe a divider down the middle of one would work.