Saturday, September 25, 2010

Things Kids Say.....

The majority of my students call me "Miss" and it drives me NUTS!

Me: My name is not Miss, I have been married for 19 years!

Student, in disbelief: To the same boy!?

Not five minutes later, another student pops his tooth out, it goes flying across his table. He is crawling around trying to find it....a bunch of students rush to look for it and another student says, in Spanish, "Haven't you ever seen a tooth before?" Which was promptly translated for me...I did a faceplant into my hands...

The students: her face is as red as a tomato! Sshhh! Everyone sit down....

I am laughing, how could you not? We did finally finish the algebra lesson, but I did giggle a couple of times during love them...

I'm making a sign: My name is not MISS!!!!


  1. It is for needle felting! Sorry i should have made little notes! Hope u have fun with it :)

  2. oh, students. :) That tooth thing was hilarious, I'd have been giggling too. My students seem to insist on calling me Instructor Handelman, which REALLY GRATES ON ME. I asked them to call me Lori (they're college students, after all), or if they preferred, they could call me Dr. Handelman. Some kids prefer that, and I don't care. But Instructor Handelman just irritates me to death for some reason. Even if they called me Ms. Handelman, or Mrs. Handelman, it wouldn't irritate me so much.

    I need to knit. :)