Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stitches East...

Holy Traffic Batman! For reasons only known to the Department of Transportation, on a weekend with something going on it the city, they decide to close two of the three lane highway going into the city. It was a freaking nightmare! And people were not allowing cars to merge over to the left. I finally just took an exit and trusted Stella, my GPS to get me there. With a few wrong turns, we eventually ended up at the Convention Center about 10:30.

I did some damage.....Last night I went through all the vendors in the market and wrote a list. I did not visit the vendors that I have previously bought from, except Holiday Yarns to get the bacon yarn. But I forgot to look for the Gnomespun. I did get the Firebird sock kit, as that is my ultimate sock goal.

Holidays Yarns was my first booth (which was good as they had only 3 skeins of the bacon left, they did find another in their tote - yeah me!), then a quick bathroom break and I was off and running....I went systematically up and down the aisles and checked vendors off my list as I went.

Next purchase was Bijou Basin. I got two skeins of the blueish teal yak/bamboo blend.
I had printed off a coupon, so got a deal. And she was nice enough to give me a bit of fiber for my class. I want to put together a display of different fibers for my students to feel. I got a bunch at Rhinebeck and hope to get more next week at Fiber Fest.

After feeling and touching my way through many vendors, I found Kitchensinkdyeworks. She was on my list. I bought the Petal Edge Scarf pattern and a skein of Seacell Merino Fine in Valencia for the scarf.

I checked out the rest of the vendors on my list. Stopped and said hello to Barbara at Sit and Knit and Mary and Maureen manning The New England Yarn and Spindle (my local LYS, right up the street). I also had to order some yarn from her, as I have to remake a baby sweater. I did stop by Creatively Dyed to show off my fingerless gloves and the Nook sock I made from the yarn I purchased last year at Rhinebeck. Diane took a picture, so it may end up on her blog.

Then I made my way back to Miss Babs. I knew I was going to spend some time and money here. She had just some gorgeous yarn choices. I eventually settled on Tierno, a handpainted alpaca and silk in Roasted Pumpkin for the Alhambra pattern that I also picked up. I also purchased a skein of Yummy in Moss and a skein of Mums in Windsor. I can't wait to try these yarns!

My Baggu bag was pretty full by then, but I stopped by Webs and picked up some Madelinetosh. My friend LoriNY raves about the Pashmina, so I picked up a skein of Norway Spruce. As it wasn't enough for the discount, I also got two skeins of Madeinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Well Water.

I'm not done. As this knitting thing is new and I go "whole hog" when I start something, I picked up some supplies too. A set of Hiya Hiya circulars, a set of Addi circulars, a set of Crystal Palace bamboo circulars and a set of Lantern Moon circulars. I also picked up a set of Lantern Moon straights. I had a list with me of what needles I had, as I picked up the patterns, I picked up the needles to go with them. I absolutely ADORE Lantern Moon crochet hooks, so I'm hoping to adore their knitting needles too. I also want to try a variety to get a feel of what brand I like. I'm a Bates over Boye brand in crochet hooks, or wood, if I have my choice.

I picked up three non-knitting items. I saw a pendant and fell in love. But I did not impulse buy. It was the last thing I went back and bought, however I also bought a pair of earrings. Then this ADORABLE sheepy mug. When I just unwrapped it now to take the pic, I realized there is a sheep inside too! Sorry for the craptastic pics on these, I just thought about taking them

So although I did buy a bit, it was mostly stuff that I had on a list. There was one vendor that I will wait to buy from at the Fiber Fest (spread it out, plus I get paid this week :)

The only other thing I would have bought was a Namaste bag, if there was a deal. I saw them only at one vendor. I have 3 of them and love the last one I got....

You can't take pictures inside the venue, so hope you enjoyed the yarny pictures. It wasn't the sunniest of days to take them....


  1. Nice stash enhancement! I love how you were pre-organized for your shopping.

    Odd that photos aren't allowed in the venue. You'd think they'd want more publicity for the event!

  2. hey! I'm catching up from my time away in scored some pashmina and TML! I've been lusting after well water, I'm glad you got some. And I also missed your first knitted FO - Tammy, that's awesome. You should see my first knitted FO. I think you're falling headfirst into the pointy-stick world! good thing you have a bit of stash.:)