Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blog OVERLOAD!!!! Watch out!!

Seriously, since I joined OWOH right before the deadline last night, I have been visiting blogs…
219 at last count (these are only OWOH blogs) I’m also keeping up with my regular blogroll blogs…
I am in blog overload!  But there are prizes to win and I am on vacation, so who cares if my brain is fried and I can’t put a coherent sentence together!  Prizes – people – prizes to win - even a bag of worm poop!!!!
I have not registered for all the prizes, only those that appeal to me…I am sure some people will visit my blog and not want an amigurami bear and that’s okay….I don’t want to take a chance away from someone who may really want or use something….but I still have about 600 blogs to visit…
I did take a break for a nap and to watch The Social Network…I found it very boring, maybe it was my mush head, but I just didn’t care about the characters…yeah it was interesting how Facebook started, but knowing that a lot of it was made up….well, it just didn’t appeal….
I’ve seen a couple of the Oscar nominees: King’s Speech, Toy Story 3, and Inception.  I also have rented for this weekend: Winter’s Bone and The Kids Are Alright….Inception was awesomely good, but a few parts slow and it was A LOT to understand to follow the story, Toy Story – well it’s my favorite animated series, ‘nuff said…and The King’s Speech was riverting…so I ‘m routing for either the Toys or The King to win….
This week is vacation and I have a lot planned, including a lunch with some friends I haven’t seen in awhile and maybe another movie, a trip to WEBS and a few other LYS’s possible, taxes, cleaning (yeah – it may happen), and correcting and lesson planning (sure, it’s on the list!)….


  1. sounds like you cant get enough of reading blogs =)
    so the social network is not good? and not the true story? hmmm... is it worth having a look?

  2. Blog overload sounds like lots of fun ... gosh, but it sounds like you're really 'playing hard' ... have fun!! :)