Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WIP and Yarn Over - home Edition

I am back home for this edition of WIP Wednesday.  Not much has changed from last week, as I was traveling for a part of it and when I got home, there were things to do..

Still working on my Camouflage socks.  I have gotten another repeat done.  I did have to RIP it back for a bit, but it is all good now.  So that is on the left.

My Miranda hat was also ripped back last night.  But it is now back to where it was in the photo.

I think part of it is I did most of the work at my Mom's, at night.  She doesn't have the best lighting for doing this kind of work, so I made mistakes.  The Miranda hat is still not exact, but I can live with it.  The third diamond is off by a bit...

What am I reading?  Well I picked up the "hot of the press" Indie Socks book at Yarn Explosion in Virginia....I love, love, love this book!  It has profiles of 24 indie yarn dyers.  Some are favorites (Lorna's Laces) and some are brand new to me. 

She takes yarn samples from the dyers and creates sock patterns to go along with the type of dye job on the socks.  She separates them differently than just the type of striping/pooling of the yarn.  She calls them mild, flavorful and spicy. I love the book!

The next book I started reading is Shirley Busbee's Scandal Becomes Her.  I'm a fan of historical romances.  I don't read modern romances, just historical.  Busbee is a favorite.  This is a new series...I still need to get the other two in the series...

I'm also still plugging away at American Gods on the nook.....

As always, please head to visit Tami and Ginny....


  1. I feel your pain with having to rip...the colors are both really pretty though! Hopefully you'll be able to finish with no more ripping!

  2. Having to rip back and fix something can be frustrating at times, but at least in knitting you have the ability to do that! Not all arts will allow for "undoing and fixing" and it's pretty sweet :) Looking forward to the finished projects!

  3. Must check out the Indie sock book- looks so interesting.
    Happy Wednesday.

  4. That looks like a great (GREAT) sock book!!! Must put it on the "LIST" (amazon loves me on Wednesdays!)

  5. Beaded socks - what a lovely and fabulous idea! Looking forward to seeing them finished.

  6. The book sounds like a great read ... I'll have to look for it. Sorry you had to tink back your Miranda Hat but I hope it all goes smoothly from here on out!

  7. Eek, sorry about the bad lighting wrecking a little havoc on your projects. I'm glad they're back on track now. Those sour apple socks are looking amazing, the combination of yarn and beads is complete perfection. And yay for American Gods, I've just been thinking about re-reading that one.

  8. I enjoyed reading your road trip entries. Looks like you had a great time!