Thursday, August 16, 2012

Should I Knit While We Cruise?

So a couple weeks ago, I read about an upcoming Knitting Cruise around the Thimble Islands.  I thought that sounds like a lot of fun, so I booked a spot...

On Tuesday night I headed down to Branford, but first I stopped at a favorite yarn shop, Madison Wool.  It was great to see Dayna again.  Plus she has been posting lots of goodies on her Facebook page, so I knew there would be tons of gorgeous goodies...and I was not wrong.

Spun Monkey in Pollinator...these will become some fun bee socks!

Rhino Fluff in Deep Sea...look at that blue!

Schoppel in their new Gradient, which is a slightly felted yarn.  I think I'm going to make their free cowl with it...and yeah it's a crochet pattern!

I also bought a pattern and a fun butterfly button....but what about the cruise you ask?  I had met Gale a couple years ago at Rhinebeck....I knew no one else on the cruise, but I left having made several new friends!

Although I chose to just enjoy the cruise, many people did bring out their knitting....
It was so much fun, it's going to become an annual event.  In fact, Gale is thinking of doing it twice next summer!!!

Gale has also posted some pictures on her blog...


  1. I hope things like this still exist in 10 years...that way I won't feel guilty for leaving the kids with daddy for a few days so I can go knit on a boat without them :)

  2. Fun post Tammy! Glad we got to hang out in the stern--and we are definitely doing it again.

  3. Great to see you, and hope to join next year!