Friday, August 31, 2012


They are done!  I'm happy with them, although still not thrilled with the bind-of...I did do the Surprising Stretchy Bind-off that a few people mentioned.  However I didn't really do a cuff, so it rolls a bit.  I'm okay with's all a learning process....

Not sure which ones I'll do next....I want to finish up the three I have on the needles at the moment..

The Beaded Camo's...yes the foot is short and fat...the short doesn't bother me...they actually stretch to my foot....but the fat is kinda funny...they were only in one size and I'm not expert enough yet to fiddle with numbers...and the heel flap is way too BIG! But as I said, learning process...

My Jaywalkers....These are further along than the picture....I'm on the heel flap....I will love these when done!

My Kai-Mei....I am on the foot on the first sock.....These I will love, too....

I did just order the yarn to make Memento Mori from Indie Socks.  So those might be the next ones...

As always...Tami, Wisdom in Wonder and Natural Suburbia....only Tami has her linky up at the moment...


  1. Wowza! How do you work on all of these? I can't multi-task my WIPS especially if they are similar like socks.

    They are looking great.

  2. Oh wow!!! I need to cast on a pair of socks ... I'm envious at yours. ; )

  3. I'm voting on finishing the Jaywalkers-- they look so bright and cheerful!
    I'm amazed by all your socks! so cool!

  4. I need to cast on a Kai-Mei. And your jaywalkers look lovely!

  5. Your striped socks are fantastic. I'm sure they will keep your toes toasty! I typically use the surprisingly stretchy cast-off, paired with a cuff, and have a lot of success with it. I bet if you did a couple rows of rib next time, it would keep the edge from rolling.

  6. Love the stripes! I've adopted a sort of stretchy bind off based on JSSBO ... I work every other stitch according to JSSBO alternating with a normal bind off. It's somewhat stretchy but not as wobbly as JSSBO!

  7. SO many socks!!
    Love the green colour in your Kai-Mei.

  8. Your socks look great. Yes, it is a learning process...I remember my first pair of socks, I was scared to death. Seems silly in my mind now after about 30 pair of socks. You'll get there just keep at it. Love your Jaywalkers.

  9. Wow, so many socks. That's awesome!

    I have a pair on the order of 25% finished, but I just haven't had the energy to to spend much time with them this summer.