Sunday, October 28, 2012

Local Yarn Stores

Do you frequent your LYS? Your local yarn store?  I visit bunches of them, but I do patronize the ones in my state the most....There is one that is practically up the street, it's about 10 minutes away.  This is the store I helped out at Stitches.  It's owned by Mary...and I just set a date to teach a crochet  class in January!!!  My first "official" class....

I stopped by to pick up the yarn to make one of Stacey "FreshStitches" monsters.  There are 10 free patterns available here...And there is a CAL and contest going on....So I went to pick up some Ella Rae yarn to use in my monster..I got 5 colors to mix and match

I also picked up a skein of Brown Sheep Bulky in Rosy Velvet...I love this yarn
The other store I went to is Madison Wool, which is a bit of a drive...she had set aside Jane Austen Knits and this..
A limited colorway from Manos Wool Clasica.  I saw it on her Facebook page and loved it....I also picked up the Blogiversary gift here...

My husband has owned "mom-pop" stores and I really try to frequent the local businesses as much as possible...I know the prices are sometimes a bit more than an online deal...but really the local businesses so appreciate their loyal customer...


  1. Cute monsters!

    With 5 LYS within 20 minutes of here, I feel guilty when I buy online. Next time I'll try the one with the fabric store next door.

  2. The colours of the yarn are amazing!! I dont think I have a local yarn store, but I am always at a department store called "John Lewis"...I'm slightly addicted to just wondering around and looking at all the yarns and trying to choose :)