Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Finishes...and some yarn!

I actually have some finishes!  I have not done much crafting this month due to the tendonitis, which the doctor said would take awhile to I just have to take it easy sometimes....

My Anne Teldy scarf.  Maj. Teldy was a character in Stargate Atlantis.  She was named after a regular visitor to Joseph Mallozzi's blog.  She won a contest on the blog to have a character named after her.  I enjoyed my interactions with her.  Anne Teldy was not her actual name, it was Kelly Hurt....and she was fighting a daily battle of her own.  Unfortunately she lost that battle earlier this I made this scarf in memory of her.

Rowan cowl, made with Rowan Colourspun, which I heart very much!

Austen-inspired hat....made with Zealana Rimu yarn...I still have another skein, so I see some fingerless gloves...

Hah!  and I have some new yarnz!
Random Fandom:  "If your gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?"  How cool!  DeLorean yarn!!!  It came with a mini skateboard, very awesome!

And the new Mad Color Mad Geek Tour continues..the next three months are Firefly based..and to kick it off...

Serenity Valley - "Once you've been in Serenity, you never leave.  You just learn to live there."  Zoe Washburne....Love!!!!!!

And tomorrow I head to my last fiber festival of the summer....hmm wonder what I'll come home with???  I'd love to get one of those SOAK kits I saw after Rhinebeck... And I have pre-ordered some yarn to pick up tomorrow...

I'm gonna connect up late to...Wisdom Begins in Wonder, Natural Suburbia and Tami


  1. I love those skeins! Your projects are beautiful. I've been thinking about knitting that cowl. I totally see it in handspun. I'm going to check out the hat pattern too. It's sassy!

  2. Your knitting is so gorgeous and having such beautiful yarn to work with must be extra inspiring. I don't seem to be very gifted with knitting needles but pictures like these make me feel I really ought to persist with it.

  3. Thanks, but it's all actually crocheted, not knitted...