Thursday, December 13, 2007

Still new to this and haven't posted in awhile. Home from work today, as I have sinus infection. Been working on placemats for a co-worker, who is paying me to make and the new yarn I bought from ebay is much thicker than the yarn I started with. Grrr...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Also made him this one, but it's a little bigger, so he hasn't worn it yet. It is navy blue and bright red, the colors are a little off.

So let's try adding pictures:

This is a sweater I made for a friend's first grandchild.
Okay, been mulling this over for awhile and decided to give this blog thing a try. I read several blogs a day and enjoy them, but I'm not as witty as those people. We'll see were this takes us.

The main reason I wanted a blog was somewhere to put the things that I crochet, so that friends and family can see them. So I guess I'm gonna use this kind of as a crochet scrapbook, cuz lord knows I could never keep up a real scrapbook.