Info for Swaps

I do A LOT of swaps, so decided to make a page dedicated to swaps.....questions that are usually asked..I will add to this, as things come the About Me page too

1.  I collect many things: sheep, postcards, fun pens, "yarn,"
2. I have lots of fandoms: Wizard of Oz is my very first fandom, been a fan since I was about 6, Star Trek (mostly TNG), Star Wars, Supernatural, Alien(s), Battlestar Galactica, Hunger Games (I ADORE this series!), Harry Potter (duh!), Walking Dead, Stargate (was co-captain of a Nerd Wars team for several years), Firefly, Marvel (movies mainly, but I have Black Widow comics), Funko Pops (especially the bad-ass women) and I'm addicted to the mystery minis....
3. I wear hats, scarves, shawls, fingerless mitts, etc.....
   Hat: a little under 22'
   Mitts: hands are small! Wrist size: a little under 6," ring size 4.5-5, hand across largest portion is
   I'm 5 3/4 tall (and proud of that!  My mom is only 4.11)
   But (at the moment) I'm a big girl elsewhere: size 18
 4. Style:  I'm eclectic, I love to wear various types of clothing.  I don't wear tight clothes.  I don't
   wear heels.  I do like to be most times, it's jeans, teeshirts, hoodies (I LOVE hoodies), sweats and sneakers...
 5. Snacks:  I don't drink coffee (blergh!) I do love tea, mostly black tea....I have tried the whole tea and infuser thing, but I haven't found a blend I love yet...but I keep trying....
     Chocolate (all but white) - I do like it with nuts, raisins, etc
     Gummi bears
    I don't like sour things and I don't do a lot of spicy (but the Hubs loves it!)
6. I love yarn!  While I do have some acrylic, I use it mostly for amigurami...I love indie dyed yarn, supporting local businesses.  I mostly use fingering and DK, but do use other weights, except lace..don't really use that weight..
7.  Favorite color is chartreuse!  But I love all shades of green, olive, forest, kelly...they are all good..all shades of purple would be next.....I've been attracted to yellows lately, especially bright and mustard (I know - contrast!) All shades that you see in the fall or autumn are also favorites....

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