Sunday, May 27, 2018

I'm Alive

Hi all, yes, it's been a couple of weeks...
This was my May...and the 21st, I had to attend a Board meeting at 6:00 (lots of changes going on in our district) and on the 24th, I attended the District Wide Student Art Show at 6:30 because I had two students with pieces in the show. And on the 22cd and 23rd, I was home sick with a stomach virus (I was in bed with it the previous Saturday, had to get out of bed on Sunday to attend a confirmation).  It has been an absolutely CRAZY month.....and not only did I not have time to knit or crochet, I didn't have much desire.  I just wanted to sleep. After Field Day on Friday, I came home and took TWO naps! 

But I've also gone to the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool and the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool, with a side trip to WEBS.

So I will catch up with my linkups this week...we have three more weeks of school, but it shouldn't be this crazy...just have to finish correcting things and get my grades in....and then to pack my classroom for the summer.....

I didn't take any pictures at the Mass Sheep and Wool yesterday, but the Hubs took some of the sheep...and some baby goats we met at a roadside stand in Massachusetts.

And cast on a pair of socks while waiting for the Hubs outside of Northampton Wools yesterday
Enjoy the Dance Party from Field Day

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Stitch Along: Week 18

I have done absolutely nothing, nada, zilch!  I do plan on casting on a pair of socks to work on tomorrow.  We have the annual baseball game that all Grades 3-8 attend.....not sure I'll actually work on the sock, but want to have something just in other pairs are at heels...and I need something mindless....
I went shopping for snacks for the game....students did donate money...I put together bags for them....
Today is Teacher Appreciation Day...our administrators sent an ice cream truck for us!  It is owned by one of my student's fathers.  She was so excited for me to meet him. (He was out of the country for several months and then had gotten hit by a car)
I got to see my first in person Highland Cattle!  I was very excited!  I've loved these from afar for several years!  The farm where they are, used to be owned by my husband's great uncle.  He owned a lot of land.  My husband grew up on the piece of land that is behind this farm that was also owned by Uncle Bill.  He actually took apart one of the structures he built on this land and carted it through the woods to our property, rebuilt it and lived there.  My in-laws use it as the garage.  There are several rooms, but we don't go upstairs as it's been taken over by bats...

So that's it...I'll throw up the link for anyone who may have something to share....some weeks there is no one...sigh....;)

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Stash Sock Yarn Swap

So right after I joined in on the Once Upon a Sock posts, there was a stash yarn swap organized.  I love a swap!  It was a secret up/down swap.  So I sent to someone who was not the person sending to me....

I got my parcel awhile ago, but haven't done a proper blog post about it.....and I know she's been waiting...I apologize for the delay....

So my secret swapper turned out to be Paula from Spin a Yarn.  I kind of had an inkling it was me when she posted about stalking her swapee.  I can be sneaky, so when she said we have a lot in common and even have the same yarn, I checked her Ravelry stash page and on the first page saw 3 yarns that we had the same (LOL)....I didn't friend her, because I didn't want her to know I'd looked it up....(I'm also very good at guessing gifts, my husband has taken to disguising them) Yes, I'm also one of those people that doesn't mind spoilers (I'm an IMDB addict)  and will read the end of a book before finishing it.

I laughed with delight when I opened my package and found String Theory Continuum yarn in Mandrake.  I have looked at this yarn at least three times, but always decided to wait!!!  It's made of my favorite colors, green and purple....and called Mandrake, which to me brings to mind Harry Potter and poor Neville (one of my favorite characters)  So this was a hit on many levels!

Then, she sent a bag of Gummi Bears.....yum, yum!!!! And the good ones too!

The kitchener stitch keychain is pretty awesome...I'm not sure who it is by, but I love the lobster claw clasp...I have one from Katrinkles that resides on my sock knitting notebook, so this one is going to reside on my travel pouch of accessories!

And last, but so not least, knitting jewelry!!!!!  A stitchmarker bracelet from Heidi and Lana.....It's perfect AND the best thing is it fits!   I have super tiny wrists and bracelets fall off all the time....I love it!!!!!

The little sheep can also come off and be used as a stitchmarker/place holder.....

So the whole package was deeply appreciated and loved...Thank you Paula....and yes how did you find my Ravelry?  You mentioned something in one of your my Ravelry name is not connected to my instagram name (which is how I found you!)

Thank you, thank you!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Once Upon A Sock: May Edition

This was my picture from the April edition, so where are we?

I finished the Zombie Valentine socks April 8...
Yarn:  Brazen Stitchery My Zombie Valentine
Contrast yarn: Two Sisters in Red
Needle: Kollage square 9" US 1/2.25mm
Socks started: June 21, 2017 (Vanilla pattern)
I finished the Hudson Bay socks on April 12, 2018
Yarn: Fishknits Yarn on the Strong Heart base, color is Canadiana
Needle: Knitpicks 5" DPNs, size US 1, 2.25 mm (wood needles)
Socks started: June 21, 2017 - the cuff was actually started before this, but I just put down that date as starting point

I followed Susan B. Anderson's directions for this yarn and pattern.

Did I mention my obsession with self stripe yarn?  This is just a small sampling.  I actually have a tub mostly filled with it..
This arrived today, waiting on another
I especially enjoy a Gobstopper ball....This is the box I bought for the Box of Sox Kal this year.  I haven't gotten very far in it as I wanted to finish up some WIPs.  So the first socks that will count for my Box of Sox is my Kiss Me, I'm Irish ones (Vanilla Latte pattern)
They are at 6" right now. I do enjoy about 7" on the leg.  I have to decide what I'm going to do for the heel...contrast or not?  Speaking of that, I have also been collecting some mini skeins for contrast heels/toes.

The other one I've been working on is the Games socks (Vanilla Latte pattern)
I'll finish the red and white stripe and then work on the heel.  I have the green as a contrast for these socks...the mini came with the Gobstopper ball.....The only thing about the Gobstopper balls is you can only do one sock at a time

No love was given to my Just Keep Swimming socks...I am on the heel, and I still want to do the Fish Lips, but haven't taken the time to sit down and figure it out yet....I's on the list
I didn't give any love to the other four pair on the needles.  My Kai-Mei (the only non-stripe sock) has a dropped stitch that I have to go back and figure out.  The other three just didn't see any loving..what are you going to do?

I am looking to work on some patterns that showcase the stripey more that the Vanilla Latte or a ribbed sock.  Although ribbed socks fit me the best....and I maybe should work on some of my non self stripe yarn and patterns.....

On the way home today, I was like, "Maybe I can whip up a pair of shorty socks for May 4"  (You know May the Fourth Be With You Day).....Yeah, I realized that wasn't going to happen....I had the yarn (I do have other SW inspired yarn)
It's 100% superwash merino, no should still work, right? I do have Star Wars socks I was gifted at now it's do I wear my Star Wars family shirt or my Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies shirt, or the "dressier" Star Wars shirt I have, decisions, decisions....a couple former students have already asked me if I'm wearing a Star Wars shirt on Friday....

Sorry, geeked out there for a minute.....

So if you'd like to join us, Paula at Spin A Yarn has the link-up....please join us...

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Stitch Along: Week 17

Good evening!  Again, haven't really worked on anything...still no mojo.....or it could be this...
I still have 6.5 weeks left of school and boy am I already done. I'm not really sure why, as it has never happened this early before, but boy am I done.....but every day, I go back in and spend the day with those 21 (18 today) fantastic third graders who need me to still be invested in them....and the hugs are worth it...

Because every day is different....whether we are standing in the cold because of a fire drill set off by some dust on the alarm..
or taking one of the state tests and not actually teaching at all today.....I will be doing some teaching tomorrow, but none on Thursday...Thursday is JA (Junior Achievement) Day....I'll be helping out the business person...who is actually the father of two former students and I've known him for years....Friday, we have a math state test...and then we'll see what the rest of the day brings.....

So I'm not sure it it's my mojo not being around or general apathy about everything right now....I have big plans, but just don't follow through on what do you do when this happens to you?

Share what you have been doing this week?  I'll also have a post up for Thursday, to link up with the Once Upon A Sock: May Edition....