Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yarn Along and WIP Wednesday

DSC_0041-1 tami_wip



Still Working on The Dipped Infinity Scarf by Laura Chau.

Finished reading:  Lessons From the Mountain:  what I Learned from Erin Walton by Mary McDonough and Feast of Crows by George RR Martin..

Started Reading:  A Dance with Dragons by George RR Martin…and I caved today and got The Hunger Games out of the school library to start…

If you want to see more, click on the above links….

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Time

It's Back to School today!  Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tropical Storm Irene

was kind of a bust for us….since it was downgraded to a tropical storm before it reached us.  We also live on a hill, so our basement flooded (it always does with lots of rain) but we are not flooded.  Some parts of my town were evacuated because of flooding…

We had a thunderstorm about midnight last night and lots of torrential rain, but not a ton of wind. 

I guess it shifted more to the west of us.  My inlaws may get some more damage…

The shore got hit pretty good….and the record was broken for power outages.  Luckily, we did not lose power…..

Ya’ know, I’m 0-3 on natural disasters this past year!  Wasn’t home when the tornado struck last summer (on my street!), felt the earthquake, but was watching a dvd, so didn’t know what it was until 30 minutes or so later when I checked Facebook, and now Hurricane Irene was a bit of a bust…..damn…

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Over the Rainbow

I'm in a melancoly mood today and hunting favorite songs on youtube....My favorite all time song is Over the Rainbow...The ultimate version

This is my original and the one I will always love the most....The Wizard of Oz is still my favorite movie (I've never read the books and need to remedy that)

Then in the 80's I saw Sam Harris perform it on Star Search and that became my favorite for awhile, a quirkier version..

Then in the 90's while I cried through the death of Mark on ER, I was introduced to Iz's version, which is just a pure and beautiful version.....

And then now it is the Glee version

I know there are other versions out's a popular song to sing....I also enjoy Kristen Chenoworth's version...just her pure voice...but these 4 versions are the ones that I enjoy the most...

Friday, August 26, 2011

FO Friday


This is my latest FO.  Ravelry link to project page.  The blue is a yarn I picked up at the Massachusetts Wool and Fiber festival.  It is by Bittersweet Woolery.  Once I decided on the project, which is for the waves challenge in Nerd Wars, I needed the white yarn.  I don’t buy a lot of white…I have some acrylic white and some others, but since the blue had sparkle in it, I wanted to white to also have some sparkle.  So thankfully I found the Dreams in Color in Crying Dove at Eat Sleep Knit.

To see more FO’s, head on over to:


Thursday, August 25, 2011

It is the day…

Summer is officially over…I am lesson planning…
Today a wonderful thing happened in our district…..the principal of the high school was named Principal of the Year!!!!!  That is across the country!

Awesome day!

Oh and we were asked about an inspirational song...I couldn't think of one, but said this song always makes me want to get up and dance....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yarn Along and WIPW

tami_wip DSC_0041-1

I am still reading the George RR Martin series.  I am almost done with the fourth book.  I should finish it this weekend.

The project is Laura Chau’s Dipped Infinity Scarf.  I am about 1/2 done.  I have three colors left to work in.

DSC00472 I absolutely love one of the teals that I am using.  I have very little yarn left, but may see about getting some more, to make a hat….

I am off school shopping today with several nephews….

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week of WOW!

Wow!  We just had an earthquake….sitting on my bed and the bed moved, didn’t know what it was until I got on Facebook….
Wow!  Facebook is faster than the news now…
Wow!  I have one more day until I must officially go back to work…
Wow! I made it to 50 followers....
Wow!  I got an award this week!

From WhendidIbecomeaknitter….


Now I have to tell you 7 things about myself…I’m pretty open, so it’s tough thinking of things I haven’t told you…here goes:
1.  I eat banana and mayonnaise sandwiches…I don’t like them with peanut butter (I know I gross out a lot of people)
2.  I always seem to enjoy the “second” couple on tv shows more than the main one:  Oz and Willow, Daniel and Vala, Hodgins and Angela
3. When someone in the movies or tv cries, I cry…in real life I don’t cry that much…
4.  I hate going back out once I am home…and can be really whiny about it.
5.  I get really excited and happy when I know The Amazing Race is on…it’s my armchair travel around the world…
6.  I watch Hoarders, so that I won’t become like that (and yes I do have family who is like that) and I might have a teeny crush on Matt Paxton and Dr. Zasio.
7.  I hate when people don’t follow rules.  I am a rule follower, not blindly, but if something is expected of me, I will follow through (this really pertains to work, where some people just feel as if the rules don’t apply to them and never seem to get called out on it) It drives me insane!!!

Okay so now I have to nominate some others….15 other blogs…I read a variety of blogs and some people that I read have never visited my blog, so the award would be wasted on them…in the order in which they appear today on my sidebar…
1. Y.O. in the House 
2. Chickens in the Road  (she has never visited my blog, but she is frakking hilarious!)
3. Small Things
4. Juniper Moon Farm (another one who doesn’t visit my blog, but she has cute animals)
5. A Playful Day
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7. Good Enough
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14. Fridica
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I read many, many more……feel free to visit those in my sidebar….

Monday, August 22, 2011

What Else I Made

I did dabble in some sewing this summer, but I also did some beading…Now my beading supplies are as almost out of control as my yarn…
But this is what I made
DSC00447 The big beads are wooden and painted…
DSC00450 This was a pain to take a picture, as the glass kept reflecting the light…It is made of green and purple glass beads.  The focal rectangular one is a light lavender with a sprinkle of a bronze in it…I had lost one of the earrings and found it last night…

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stash Updating

Ravelry has a great feature, you can store pictures and information about your stash.  Then when you are thinking about a project, you can check your stash and see if you have yarn for that project.  That is what it should be used for….what do I use it for?  It’s a pretty picture gallery for me….I hardly ever check it when I’m thinking of starting a project.

I have 1059 yarns stashed on Ravelry and I still have more to update….Yarn has become my drug of choice….I have got to start using some of it up.  Although the Hubs kindly refers to it as my “Retirement Plan.”  So when I retire and don’t have extra money to buy the yarn, I’ll have lots….but there will be more beautiful yarn out there….Actually Ravelry started me down this dark, dark road….I happened into the “Completely Pointless and Arbitrary Swap” group and I was lost…..they hooked me with all this talk of beautiful and hard to get yarns and I had the “wants.”  I don’t visit there much anymore, because I am now enjoying my own discovery of new and exciting yarns….so shall we have some YARN P*RN?????

The newest, luxurious discovery is Shalimar…it’s pricey, but “OH MY GOODNESS!” Merino, cashmere and silk….I walked around with it a bit at Webs and then put it back when I decided I wasn’t shopping for me….then the Hubs bought it for the birthday!

DSC00303 Loden and then I purchased

DSC00429 Byzantion

Lorna’s Laces has fast become a favorite, especially the worsted Sheperd..oh how I love thee….

DSC00304 Black Purl (another one I walked around holding and got as a birthday gift

DSC00233 Vera, I did buy that one because it was on closeout…nom, nom, nom

I placed an order at Eat, Sit, Knit, as I needed a white sparkly yarn, so I got some Dreams in Color Starry (it’s to finish a Nerd Wars project)


and to get my 1 mile marker, I also ordered some Lorna’s Laces Sheperd Sock in Wendy Knits Sunrise (it was on sale)


I also walked around that day with some Juniper Moon Farm Chadwick, squishing it in my hands…and yes it also was a birthday gift


I absolutely fell in love with this Colinette, when I saw it in the store…of course it had to come home with me…


(The Hubs just glanced at me surrounded with yarn and commented, “Some people have pets!”)

So that is it for today….I hope you enjoyed it…

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Yarn and Fiber Company

I have been running into Cyndi and Jerry of The Yarn and Fiber Company for years now.  I first met them at the CGOA event in Manchester, NH a couple years ago.  Since then, I’ve seen them at most fiber event in this area.  Very friendly and such a great selection of yarn….I was finally able to visit their brick and mortar shop in Derry, NH.

DSC04068 They took pictures with me when I was doing a scavenger hunt for Nerd Wars.





DSC04066 They were restocking from being at a show that Saturday, so some of the shelves looked a little bare, but there was a box on the floor filled with yarn.

I highly recommend this store, if you are in the area.

DSC04143 I bought this yarn for this pattern.  They did not have the color Autumn Flame (had sold out) so I’m hoping they will be at Stitches and will have that color…I have not attempted the sock yet…

Lys Catchup–New Hampshire

I started working on the second page for LYS’ not in CT and found that I had neglected to blog about a few…so I need to do some catchup..
DSC03966 DSC03967
DSC03968 DSC03969
DSC03970 DSC03971
This is in Henniker, NH.  The Fiber Studio.  What a gorgeous place!  It is kinda set up like a barn loft.  They really did such a nice, nice job. I was the only customer for awhile then someone else came in, but I just wandered around.  They also had some beading supplies and I ended up buying some beads.  I finally settled on this purchase
DSC04131 It’s 564 yards of cotton.
Next stop was The Elegant Ewe, which happily was down the street from my hotel.
DSC03973 DSC03974
DSC03975 DSC03976
It was a nice store..I bought a couple of patterns, Autumn Coat and Nehalem Hat.  I also bought another skein of Royal Llama Silk for the hat.
On my way out of New Hampshire, I stopped at two stores.  One I’m going to do a separate post and the other I really don’t remember much about.  But that store, Ewe’ll Love It in Nashua is closing.  It doesn’t have any links to it and someone wrote in June that it was closing on a review board.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dinner with a Cutie…

Yesterday I went to dinner at a friend’s house and got to play with this cutie-patootie!  She says he is always happy and smiling…




Monday, August 15, 2011

Wee Gifts from Ireland

My husband came home with a box on Saturday.  He had ordered some things for my birthday and had then shipped to his parents!  So I opened a box of goodies from Ireland!
DSC00408 See that mug?  That’s a replacement mug…I already have one, I bought it at Stitches East last year.  This one is for when that one breaks! 
A cool Wacky Woolies watch, a fun pencil and a new bag.  I already have the colorful Wacky Woolies bag, so he got me the black sheep with a shamrock bag…I love the Wacky Woolies!

Sorry ETA that the bag is actually from The Black Sheep

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Other Crafty Endeavors

Every once in awhile I wander into other crafts.  I’ve done a fair amount of beading, making jewelry and stitch markers.  I recently made some stitch markers for my swap partner (it’s a secret swap, so she won’t be reading this)


I made some jewelry last week, but unfortunately when I pulled it out to take a picture, I’m missing an earring.  So will find that earring before I share…

I also started making project bags.  I’m not very good at this yet and I have a very small sewing of those small personal machines.  I have an actual sewing machine, but I’ve never used it…I’m going to take it to my MIL, she sews a lot, so she can teach me about it…I tried threading it using a manual I found online, but couldn’t figure it out.  It’s on old White 1717 machine and did not come with a manual….maybe should actually buy a new one…but we’ll see how much I use/want to use the older one…

So anyway I have tried my hand at project bags.  I made two previously that I sent to some friends who needed some cheering…Now I’ve made 4 more…two for the swap and two for me….They are not professionally done and did require some hand sewing to finish (I earned that Girl Scout badge, so am good at that!)


DSC00404 These two are for my swap partner…The bottom one is quite large and roomy for a project..


DSC00406 These two are mine…I’m happy with them…

Friday, August 12, 2011

Following Gandhi's Advice

Gandhi was quoted as saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I actually have this on a plaque in my room. It is on the way out, so the students read it as they are leaving…and this man has embraced this....

what a powerful message to send…


That a father who has just lost his son can plead for calm and simply just asking people to "calm down and go home."

I have to credit Russell Brand, because I had no idea who Tariq Jahan was until I read his article....which was highlighted by Karie on her blog Fourth Edition.  I don't know why I read it, as I have always just thought of him as the dirty looking guy who is in stupid movies and married to Katie Perry...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Unpacking the Classroom

Many people don’t realize that at the end of a school year a teacher must pack up their classroom.  Some teachers will be moving to new grade levels and/or schools, but ALL teachers(in our district) have to pack up their rooms.

Why?  So they can strip the floors and re-wax them.  So every start of the new year, we have gleaming shiny new floors…

For 12 years, I was lucky and stayed in the same classroom, even though I moved grade levels (everyone else moved).  Two years ago I was moved upstairs and last year I was moved grade levels and down the hall.  But even so this year I had to do the least unpacking of any year..

What takes up the most of my time?  My books…I believe in a good classroom library…I am still short on non-fiction type books….Now looking at this classroom, remember, we were told to purge last year…I have totes of books and materials in our storage unit….So my day consisted of this:

DSC00389 Unpack the closet…most of that is books..I had to go through and sort them, because of course many are mixed up.

DSC00395 End of the day…those green boxes hold all my posters and then teacher resource stuff is on the shelves..

DSC00393 See all those illustrated classics?  A friend sent them all to me, as her children were done with them….

DSC00398 My fiction chapter books…there are more in the white bookcase above…They are so NOT in order!  But will eventually get there…thinking of doing author alphabetical…

DSC00400 These are poetry books (facing), biographies, Dear America books, Magic Tree House Guides, and classics..on top is NF sport compilation books….a whole bunch of my Dear America books are missing…I hope they turn up, but I really only have one more place to unpack…

DSC00396 Non-fiction shelves.. looking a little empty…seems like I might be missing some more books…

DSC00394 This is the last cabinet to unpack and those reference books will go on the bottom shelves of the red/white bookcase above, on the other side…

DSC00397 Big Books and picture books..

I am missing quite a few books, but hopefully they will show up.  I’ve had a package of books mailed back to me after several years…I’ve had kids come up a year or so later and hand me a book they found at home…If they don’t return, I don’t sweat it…if a kid likes a book so much, let them have it….

So this took about 3 hours, give or take,  a break to eat and doing some other unpacking…

I may wander out to some tag sales this weekend to see if I can find some more books…also on the lookout for board games for winter indoor recess…

And because I’m so tired (it’s also unbearably HOT) I put on my pajamas when I get home and veg out the rest of the day….yesterday I knit…don’t think that’s gonna happen tonight…