Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week of WOW!

Wow!  We just had an earthquake….sitting on my bed and the bed moved, didn’t know what it was until I got on Facebook….
Wow!  Facebook is faster than the news now…
Wow!  I have one more day until I must officially go back to work…
Wow! I made it to 50 followers....
Wow!  I got an award this week!

From WhendidIbecomeaknitter….


Now I have to tell you 7 things about myself…I’m pretty open, so it’s tough thinking of things I haven’t told you…here goes:
1.  I eat banana and mayonnaise sandwiches…I don’t like them with peanut butter (I know I gross out a lot of people)
2.  I always seem to enjoy the “second” couple on tv shows more than the main one:  Oz and Willow, Daniel and Vala, Hodgins and Angela
3. When someone in the movies or tv cries, I cry…in real life I don’t cry that much…
4.  I hate going back out once I am home…and can be really whiny about it.
5.  I get really excited and happy when I know The Amazing Race is on…it’s my armchair travel around the world…
6.  I watch Hoarders, so that I won’t become like that (and yes I do have family who is like that) and I might have a teeny crush on Matt Paxton and Dr. Zasio.
7.  I hate when people don’t follow rules.  I am a rule follower, not blindly, but if something is expected of me, I will follow through (this really pertains to work, where some people just feel as if the rules don’t apply to them and never seem to get called out on it) It drives me insane!!!

Okay so now I have to nominate some others….15 other blogs…I read a variety of blogs and some people that I read have never visited my blog, so the award would be wasted on them…in the order in which they appear today on my sidebar…
1. Y.O. in the House 
2. Chickens in the Road  (she has never visited my blog, but she is frakking hilarious!)
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14. Fridica
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I read many, many more……feel free to visit those in my sidebar….


Anonymous said...

Just blog hopping knitters and your post caught my eye. Besides the earthquake thing (I thought I was having a mini stroke until the kids asked me why the house was shaking)more importantly.....I eat banana and mayo sammys too!! I have a thin layer of peanut butter on it though.

lori said...

hahaha!! I'm a big rule follower too and get really irritated when people don't follow them. I like Miracle whip on saltine crackers, a thin layer. REAL GOOD, sweet and salty and crisp. I loved reading your list and so many are true for me too.

we didn't feel the earthquake in our part of town, which was so weird! i didn't know about it until my daughter posted on my facebook wall asking if i was ok. such a funny time we live in.

Gracy's Mom said...

Must have got the mayo and banana sandwhich from your Mom. I used to eat them all the time not so much anymore but every once in awhile. I don't like them with peanut butter either.