Connecticut LYS'

I have been on a mission to visit all the Connecticut local yarn shops (LYS). I rate them on a couple of things:
1. Are they crochet friendly? (Do they carry crochet supplies?)
2. How varied is their stock?
3. Are they friendly? (Although anyone can have a bad day!)
Some I have visited before I started blogging, so I don't have a blog post for them. I will eventually revisit them and blog about them. These are only my opinions and I don't feel as if I have flamed anyone, just stated about my particular visit. In random order, numbered just for me.

1.Sit'n Knit in Bloomfield.
This was the first LYS that I visited more than once. They are now in their third location. It's a bit farther out for me. They are crochet friendly. They have a nice selection of yarn. I have always had good experiences when shopping there. NOW CLOSED!
Blogged here
She has opened a new shop called Yarnover.  I've been once, but they really were not ready yet...I'll go back. Also now closed.

2. Creative Fibers in Windsor. Another shop that I frequent. I really enjoy their selection of yarns, especially the Malabrigo and the Kiogu. It is crochet friendly. They have crochet classes and some of the workers crochet. Another bonus, it is easy to get to the store.
Blogged here CLOSED

3. New England Yarn & Spindle in Bristol. This one is the closest and the newest store. It is a small store, but growing. It is crochet friendly. I have taken a class here and enjoyed it. The yarn is much more stocked now and much fuller.
Blogged here

4. A Stitch in Time in Bethel. This is quite a distance from me, so I've only been once. It was a little tricky finding it. It was a nice store, but I was underwhelmed. They had some cool notions and a decent selection of yarn. I know a lot of people who frequent this store and love it. I believe they are crochet friendly. Visited before blogging. Have revisited, better the second time. Blogged here.
- Moved location in 2017, will re-blog

5. Hither and Yarn in Torrington. This is my favorite name for a store, I love this name! I have been here a few times. They have a good selection of yarn, but I liked their old location better. It is not the most crochet friendly of stores.
Blogged here
Closed July 2012

6. In Sheep's Clothing in Torrington. This is in an unusual place. It shares space with a bridal/dress shop. The owner is very friendly and open to suggestions on how to become more crochet friendly. Not a huge selection, but a good selection for the size. She also focuses on spinning and weaving.
Blogged here
and here
- moved location, visited in June 2018, didn't take pictures.

7. The Village Sheep in New Milford. This is also a distance from me. I've only been once, but will visit again. Really friendly, great selection of yarn, bright and open. Plus she has a mascot dog. It is next door to a great bookshop and there are some nice eateries around the corner. She has since moved, but I believe it is near the old location. NOW CLOSED
Blogged here

8. Country Yarns in Wallingford. Very friendly yarn shop, everyone who was in there offered to help. Most of them don't work there, but just help out the owner. They had a lot of yarn in many different rooms. It seemed a bit disorganized to me, but they all knew where everything was and were super helpful. I'll probably visit again and it wasn't too difficult to find.
Blogged here

9. The Yarn Barn in Woodbridge. First, I was very disappointed it was not a barn, but in a strip mall. It was stuffed with yarn and seemed disorganized to me. I didn't get a lot of help there. I did buy my first skein of Artyarns there. They did have a lot of yarn, but I probably won't visit it again. Plus it is quite a distance from me. Visited before blogging.

10. Nancy O in Ridgefield. Great little store in a great area. It is not all yarn, she had to diversify, I bought a bracelet, too. Really bright cheery shop and very friendly! I would visit again, even though it's a little far because it's in a great area with a nice bookstore and some nice eateries.
Blogged here
-Moved locations, will reblog

11. The Yarn Garden in Meriden. A little confusing to find it. Small shop stuffed with yarn, felt a bit claustophobic. Owner was very friendly.
Blogged here Now closed

12. String in Greenwich. Not my kind of store. They were friendly, but it was too boutiquey for me. They have since closed, but there is another in Manhatten.

13. Mystic River Yarns in Mystic. I went here awhile ago, but enjoyed my visit. The yarn selection was really nice, got some Manos wool there. I also picked up a crochet hook and a crochet guide. Didn't really talk to anyone in the store. I do want to visit again. Which I did this summer.
Blogged here

14. Bayberry Knitting in Plainville. It's a nice shop and close, but I don't frequent it. The owners are very nice, it is owned by a husband and wife. I have bought some nice yarn here. I can't put my finger on why I don't shop here often, I just don't. Now Closed
Blogged here

15. Yarn Basket in Branford. Very friendly owner! I enjoyed this shop a lot. It was just so warm and friendly. Definitely crochet friendly.
Blogged here

16. Madison Wool in Madison. Loved this shop! Very small, but the owner was extremely friendly. She tries to stock more unusual yarns. I would definitely take a road trip to visit here again. New Owner since I last visited..
Blogged here 
and under new ownership here

17. Saybrook Yarn in Saybrook. Nice shop, noone approached me at first, but then several asked if they could help. It was a nice shop and if I lived in the area I would visit it again.
Blogged here

18. Yarns Down Under in Deep River was a darling little store. It's setting is pretty and fun (below a golf shop) and the owner was so friendly! Small store, stuffed to the gills!!! Would visit it again
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19. The Connecticut Yarn and Wool Company in Haddam. I liked this store. They only sell in house yarns and local yarns. The yarns were nice and the store was just a big rambling house. I liked poking into the rooms. However the person working paid very little attention to me and had a very loud, somewhat private cell phone conversation while I was there. They have another location that I will visit at some point.
Blogged here Pretty sure it's closed

20. Indetail Studio in Avon. This is a crafter's dream place. Yarn and beads! Who could ask for more??? I will definitely head back there at some point. The owner was very friendly and crochet friendly. Changed name to Knit and Pearls
Blogged here

21. Marji's Yarncrafts in Granby. Nice store, on the smaller side, packed with a lot of yarn. I bought some Manos on sale, which I was happy about...I did not meet the owner, but her helpers were nice.
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22. Black Sheep Yarns in Kent. Very nice owner, a good selection of yarn. Some from a local farm, which I like. She also carries some needle felting kits and soap from a local farm. My favorite indy soap maker. I will definitely head back there.
Blogged here
- new location, same shopping mall, different store front

23. Knit New Haven in New Haven.  Great shop, great selection of yarn, reasonable pricing.  Parking could be trick, as it is metered.  Friendly staff.  Crochet friendly.  Worth the trip!  Blogged about it here

24. Twist Yarn Shoppe in Niantic, CT. I hadn't known that this shop opened.  I went to a truck show of an indie dyer there.  Cute shop.  I will definitely go back.