Friday, January 27, 2012

FO - FUGLY Socks


I finished these earlier this week….Yep, they are ugly and not the same.and just wrong…The sock on the right?  It was my first sock ever started…and it took me months to finish it…..I also was knitting as if to purl (get it?) and then when I realized what I was doing wrong I changed it…on the foot….It’s baggy and the foot is too small….

The second sock I started knitting it correctly and realized it was not going to match the first one….so I knit it wrong….until I got part way done with the foot and realized it was way TOO BIG!!  So I ripped back to approx where I started knitting correctly on the other sock….but wanting them to at least kinda match, it also is too small in the foot, but better that the first one…

So what do I do with them?  I think they are going to be inside slippers socks…I wear socks in my slippers when my feet are cold…I was going to felt them, but the foot is too small…

Sure they are fugly, but I learned from them…and hey look at the difference in my tension!!! 

I still have these that came out all right


and if I photograph them at certain angles, they look okay…


I still have one lone sock to make a match…my Jaywalker


Maybe this weekend…..if I dare….

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stash Sunday

SO I popped onto Facebook one day last week….I am not a Facebook addict!  I pop in and out, see if there is anything of interest, but I’m usually on less than five minutes.  I don’t play the games, I don’t do the surveys, I rarely re-post anything….but it is a way to stay in touch with family…
So anyhoo, while there The Loopy Ewe posted their weekly update…and wouldn’t ya’ know, it was Wollmeise….Now if you have not heard of Wollmeise, it is that mythical, fairy-butt yarn that everyone talks about…I have four skeins, two were gifted, one I traded for and one, I was lucky enough to purchase.  (I friended someone who lived near the shop in Germany)
So I skeedadled over to The Loopy Ewe and purchased two skeins…all skeins were gone within about 30 minutes!  I had a bit of trouble, as my account seemed nowhere, so I opened a new one…but I received the mythical yarn this week..
DSC01647 Ebenholz, a rich chocolate brown
DSC01648 Spinaci, a greens green
The colors are just so saturated….I never want to undo the skeins, as they are so tightly wound….
See this swatch?  Yup, it’s a swatch for my Nerd Wars dissertation….it’s about 4 x 5 inches and took me about 2 hours….damn knitting is so much slower than crochet! The yarn is Madelinetosh Merino Light in Moorland.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Trip Uptown

So on Saturday, after I ate, I decided to head uptown to DSC01629

However I made a rookie mistake….see I’m pretty comfortable on the subway…I’ve been going back and forth to the city for years…my dad was born and raised there…my aunt lived in Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn until about 15 or so years ago….

I headed uptown and got off on the EAST side and I needed to be on the WEST side…..slap forehead….I didn’t realize it until I’d walked about 4 blocks away from the subway station….so I headed west and kept walking…

then I came to the park, that would be Central Park.  Central Park is what divides the west from the east side of the city….It wasn’t really cold, so I figured I’d walk it, but I also had a pretty full bladder at this point…so I looked at a map and spotted some bathrooms and then tried to find them…

My wandering

That’s my meandering (really I was lost) through the park trying to find a bathroom and after giving up on that, just trying to get out of the park! (The red line shows where I got off on the subway and walked before entering the park)

I thought about hiring a pedicab, yeah, but that would involve uneven bumps along the way…didn’t think my bladder could take that…so I plodded on and on and on….Central Park is about 1/2 mile wide, but I’m sure I walked at least a mile with all my curves and turns….PLUS I came to several deadends and had to back track, as parts of the park are being renovated and were closed off with fencing…It was not a pleasurable experience….I seriously was looking for a boulder big enough to squat behind….but was afraid of being arrested for indecent exposure! 

Thankfully it only got cold when the wind blew, so I wasn’t freezing….it actually would have been a nice walk and I would have taken pictures, IF I didn’t have an urgent need…..

Thankfully I finally made it out of the park and turned down a street that had at the end, a Starbucks….and as I walked in I chanted, “Please have a bathroom, please have a bathroom..” cuz you never know in NYC….They did, with a line….I was doing the dance by the time I got in there….

Then I made my way to Knitty City…It’s a great little shop, seemed friendly, but was really busy, so I didn’t take any pictures…..

Then I walked to the end of their street to the subway and headed back to Grand Central Station…..and the end of my day in New York City…

Monday, January 16, 2012

Stash Sun…er Monday

So what did I come home with, you ask?


Midnight in Manhattan by Madelinetosh in Tosh Sock.  I had a hard time deciding on the weight….This is an exclusive yarn to The Yarn Company. This was the first thing I bought, headed right for their booth!

DSC01637 This yarn I have been waiting awhile to get.  I bought the pattern when I went to their store in Derry, NH and I really liked the yarn in the pattern.  Alas they had just sold out of it at the NH Sheep and Wool.  And they were having a problem with their distributor and sock yarn…so when I saw they were at this show, I stalked them again and yeah! They had the yarn!

Then I was wandering around and picked up a couple of Three Irish Girl skeins and looked at them.  Then one of the “salespeople” said there was a pattern for those exact two colors, so what could I do?  I bought both and the pattern (was surprised that pattern was not given for free with the purchase of yarn!)

DSC01638 Ryan

DSC01634 Enna

Then I was done at the show….so hungry…I ended up at Rockefeller Center, down the street and had a burger…

Refreshed I headed uptown to Knitty City (that is a blog post of it’s own)

But there I purchased 4 more skeins…

DSC01633 a new yarn to me Wool Candy in Tweed.

DSC01635 Berroco Flicker 3307

DSC01632 Cascade Superwash (it’s more grey than blue)


DSC01636 Rowan Cashsoft dk in Githic Green.  This green reminds me of pine needles…

So where does that leave my guessers….well WonderWHyGal guessed 4, and I did leave the show with 4 skeins.  But I then bought 4 more at Knitty City…so technically I came home with 8.  Noone guessed 8, so I’m going to do a random number thingy….

It did it’s thing and it picked comment #6, which bizarrely is Tammy!  (Which is my given name!) So maybe I need to keep the gifty for myself?  Just kidding!  Congratulations Tammy!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vogue Live

Yesterday I meandered into New York City for Vogue Knitting Live.  On the train, I met Sarah from Threads magazine, so we walked to the show together.  We parted ways once we got in, I was there to shop and she was doing more research type work.  She wanted to speak to some of the authors.

Okay, if you read my blog regularly, you know that I go to lots of yarny type events….one word for Vogue Knitting Live ….claustrophobic!  Most of the booths were jammed in together and they all had curtains up to separate the different vendors.  Whoever organized it, sure it may separate them, but it makes a small space seem so much more smaller!  I was told by a vendor that another vendor asked to remove the curtains, but was told they had to leave them up.  The vendors on the end had much more room.  There were two floors and stages that took up quite a bit of room on both floors….I don’t think I’d go again, unless I was taking a class….definitely not for just the marketplace…

DSC01615 1st floor stage

DSC01616 Back of the room, where there was more room…those are the curtains that separated every booth.  First vendor I went to was this one….The Yarn Co to get some of that yarn I showed the other day…Midnight in Manhatten by Madelinetosh.  It’s exclusive to their store…I’m not usually a blue fan, but I really wanted some…I scored a skein of the DK….

DSC01617 There was as second floor, with some fun exhibits…



Yarn bombing




Look at this!

DSC01623 It was in the Gallery, not sure who made it, as I did not stop and peruse it for long…

Also in the gallery…



DSC01626 It was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!

And sitting next to it was Anna Hrachovec, the author of Knitting Mochimochi  and Teeny, Tiny Mochimochi.  I got a signed copy of the second book, because really there is nothing cuter than tiny gnomes!  I’m going to give it a shot, as I’ve never done knitting amigurami, and this is very small!

I wandered around a bit more, spoke to several people that I see at these shows…and then I’d had enough…it was a little after 12 and I decided to leave.  I was hungry, hot, tired and just a bit claustrophobic….

but that was not the end of the day…stay tuned….

Saturday, January 14, 2012

How Many Did I Come Home With?

Well I left Vogue Knitting with only 4.....however I then went to Knitty City and bought 4 8...I have two that were closest, but none at 8...Gonna have a think on this and get back to you...details tomorrow!

Friday, January 13, 2012

BRRRRR>>>it freakin got cold!

Maybe I need some new yarn to warm me up...hahahahahaha...

look at the pretty I just found!  I wants!

They will be there tomorrow, wonder if they'll have some.....

Yeah, I didn't advertise my little guessing contest, as I want my "regulars" to have more of a chance to win....

Waiting for the boys to start...

Then heading to bed.....

I have not worked on any projects since finishing the hats, as my thumbs have been figured while on time-out from Nerd Wars, I'd give them a break...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yeah...good intentions....

Yah know that whole working from stash...and trying not to buy until April...uhm yeah well I bought two skeins of Nerd Girl Yarn the other day AND I just scored some Wollmeise in The Loopy Ewe update! 

And, oh yeah I'm going to go to Vogue Knitting Live on Saturday...just to the marketplace...uhm..wanna take any bets on how many skeins I come home with?  I'll pick up something for the closest guesser...

I'll take guesses until Saturday at 9:00 EST.....worldwide.....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Same Ole’ Same Ole


It is much bigger…now measuring 48 inches across….I thought I was going to have to end it soon…thought I might be out of the blue yarn (and I’m trying to use stash yarn) But went up to the storage bin to drop off some school stuff and found another skein…so will continue.  (My storage bin is about 1/4 filled with yarn, 1/2 filled with school stuff and 1/4 filled with Hubs stuff…)

I also pulled out my A Breath of Fresh Air scarf.  I received this in a club from The Loopy Ewe and started it back in March or April.  The first post I have is April, so I’ll say April…

I am also still making my way through A Dance with Dragons…I did finally see A Game of Thrones on HBO….wow!

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Monday, January 9, 2012

It’s A Hit!


The father of babe-to-be has claimed the Yoda hat….

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stash Sunday Jan 8

I do have new stash today!  I received my latest Nerd Girl Random Fandom yarn…


Doesn’t it look like the colors of a sunset?

It was inspired by Codex of The Guild.  The Guild is a web series created by Felicia Day about a group of people who play an online multi-person game…I’ve seen a couple of episodes because Wil Wheaton is in it, but I don’t follow the series…

Here is a picture of Codex’s online persona


Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Last Two

The last two hats made in hatpoloosa of 2012!

The first one is just a basic hat pattern.  I made it using leftover "I Love This Yarn" in Candycorn...Ravelled here

The second one is a square one...I thought the square patterns were very cute!  It is Ravelled here .  It is a free pattern.  This hat was fun to make and I'll probably make it in a worsted weight...Surprise, surprise I actually had the yarn called for in the pattern (and it only took about a 1/4 of the ball and I have 2 other balls of it)  But the hook was so small it split the yarn a lot...that was irritating!

So all the hats of hat-poloosa  (except the original one ) were made with stash yarn!  Yeah me!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Tomorrow I am going to a baby shower….and the Mom-to-Be had shown me a flowered baby hat on Etsy and asked if I could make something like that..I said sure….she then mentioned she just wanted a cute hat to use to take pictures….then a few days later she linked to a Yoda hat and commented on it (not to me)….so I thought hats, I’m going to make her some hats…I’ve made 9!  And I started two others…one is with candy corn striped yarn…it’s going to be just a regular hat with a giant pompom…the other is one of those square looking hats…and I have used all yarn from my stash…imagine my joy at finding Yoda colored yarn!  I’ve made a variety of sizes…
DSC01572 (2) basic newborn hat
DSC01573 Yoda hat (alpaca yarn felted)
DSC01576 An owl (her nursery has owls) My favorite
DSC01577 A puppy (The Hubs says it’s creepy) but the Mom-to-Be enjoys creepy…made her the bride and groom from Creepy crochet…The colors are the colors of her actual Australian sheep dog…but should I put a nose on it?
DSC01579 I made this hat a long time ago and it’s been sitting around, so I added the caterpillar and called it done…
DSC01581 I had the flowers made, they were leftover from a scarf I made, so I designed the hat around’ll be a cute favoritest yarn Manos de Uruguay cotton stria, which they have discontinued (I horde it when I find it in stores)
DSC01601 Suppose to be a monkey, but ears are wrong, kinda looks like a bear…may make the ears bigger or put a monkey face on it…what do you think?
DSC01580 The one that started it all…again, cotton stria…..
So this is what I’ve been making this week….
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