Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Battle Cry

There is another battle raging in our country, the battle for women to be in control of their bodies....this is a great video about a woman who has had enough!

WIP Wednesday and Some Finishes

Friday I'm going to be on the road...ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!  So I figured I'd post some of my recent finishes today...

The kitty is from Nicki Trench Super-Cute Crochet

I made a companion for Wil-key for the road trip (she's for my niece) The pattern is in Interweave Crochet, Spring 2011

I love these and can't wait to wear them!  I've been wanting to make them forever!  Dragon Skin Gauntlets by Aoibhe Ni 

I finally finished Johnny's blanket.  Johnny is my FIL and at the moment he is at extended care in a rehab/nursing center. The pattern is by Michelle Rhodes

And what am I working on?  Well still plugging away at my Kai-Mei's (the green) I turned the heel and am working on my first knit chart ever!  I am also still working on my Jaywalkers.  The granny squares are for my Nerd Wars dissertation.  I am making a tunic.  

Last week during one of my restless nights I had to download Alison Arngrim's book "Prairie Bitch:  How I Survived Nellie Oleson and How I Learned to Love Being Hated".  I've been wanting to read it forever and I downloaded it that night and finished it the next day.  I loved it...she's great at telling her story.  I'd love to see her stand-up act. I've previously read Melissa Gilbert's book...and Melissa Sue Anderson published one in the past couple years, so maybe hers is next.

Since then, I've mainly been reading blogs, Ravelry and patterns..  I have to decide what projects to bring with me.  I'm taking the two socks, the dissertation and I'm going to take the Miranda Hat, pop over to Evelyn's blog to read about the free pattern, KAL and charity event.

As always head over to Small Things: Yarn Over  and Tami's Amis

I will be posting from the road, so please come back and enjoy the trip with us. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It Happened

Today I picked up a random skein of yarn and had no idea where I had gotten it. So been ruminating on it for a couple of hours and BAM! It hit me…It was the yarn for the latest Cookie A pattern. I joined her club for this year…

It’s a really pretty color, Vintage Icebox, and I remembering being excited when I saw it….

and now a sigh of relief…..
cuz ya’ know maybe yarn is just showing up at my house on it’s on to join the yarn party!

Another new club skein I received was from Nerd Girls…

Remind you of anything? It’s the Mystery Van from Scooby Doooooooo!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Finishes

I have two this week, both of the ones from last Wednesday….


The Mosaic baby blanket.  This was a stash project and a baby gift.  The mother absolutely loved it!  She had asked for blue…I think I gave her enough blue.  It’s not large and 27 by 33, but perfect for the car, etc…

and my sad scarecrow turned out AWESOME!!!!!!


I showed a glimpse of him in yesterday’s post.  He was gifted to my nephew for his high school graduation.  It’s a thing between he and I….I think this is the best face I’ve done.  I’m really happy with it….

As always, if you’d like to see more, head to



Creative Friday

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Remember this kid?
DSC00312 The cool one on the left, the one in the middle turned 25 yesterday...
Well yesterday he did this…
DSC02960 (I was still feeling sick)
He is now a high school graduate….as a gift, I gave him this…
(there was a little something extra with it) 
Love you Kyle and am so proud to be your aunt!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIP or WIM Wednesday


Both of the projects I showed last Wednesday are complete, so I’ll show them on Friday.

Today I am going to start the Dragon Gauntlets from Inside Crochet using Wool Candy.

This past week, I also purchased three new magazines that I’ve spent my time reading this past week….

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Yesterday was the last day of school.  I am moving classrooms this year, so I had to pack up my entire classroom again…

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks.  I ended up in the hospital for two days about 2 weeks ago.  I had the worse heartburn of my life.  I get heartburn pretty regularly, but this was so intense and had lasted over 7 hours.  So I went to the emergency room, as I’d done everything I could…Anyway my family has a really bad history of heart disease, so I ended up being admitted.  They did all kinds of tests, etc….and my heart is fine.  It is in excellent health!  But it is good to have that baseline, since I am now over 40.

Then last week I had a major allergy attack.  I’m allergic to dust and classrooms are very dusty….Wednesday I got home, but my eyes were so bad I laid with a cool cloth on them for awhile.  Then with all the coughing and sneezing I didn’t have a voice for 3 days…try teaching without a voice!  The kids were really good.  I’m still congested, but better…

Yesterday I came home and was running a fever… today I am just chilling…but my nephew graduates tonight, and he was able to snag me a ticket last minute…so yeah!

And the Hubs has been bringing my home’s the latest…



Isn’t it pretty?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day

Last year I wrote about the two men who have been fathers to me.  This year I’d like to honor my brother…


Here’s my little brother, Michael.  He is 20 months younger than me and we fought a lot as kids.  We also have spent a great deal of time together and are also pretty close….I think I am about 5 or 6 in this picture, so he is about 3 or 4.


Here he is again with my nephew about 12 years ago….


A favorite picture of  him and his two kids.


Resting in NYC, after working all night, he drove to NYC because that is where Kyle wanted to spend his 16th birthday.


Absolutely exhausted, waiting for hours at the Hard Rock Café to get in because that is where Kyle wanted to eat for his birthday….

And every time I hear this song, I think of my brother Michael…

Why?  Because it came on the radio when I was at his house and he picked up my niece Allison and started dancing around the kitchen with her and singing to her….

I’m proud of the father my brother has become….

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another WIP Wednesday


At the moment, I’ve been reading student work…but I did recently finish this comic book run (my first comic books since I was a kid) by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie.  They used to write for Stargate…they are trying out new things…I believe a mini-series is going to be produced from these….

The sad little guy in the middle is my 1/2 done scarecrow for a Nerd Wars challenge…

The three blue panels are for my mosaic baby afghan…I finished the third panel and edged one of them tonight…I need to finish it by this weekend, so I can wash it and gift the momma before the end of school…

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Warwick Weekend

The Hubs took me away overnight for a weekend in Rhode Island.  Our home base was Warwick, where we were the furthest away that we could get!

This is the hallway..and I am about 3 doors up from our room…..waaaayyyyyy down there to the left are the elevators..

DSC02917 Can you say Red Rum?

Anyway, as we were driving along….




I saw this sign about an Art festival…and then I saw all these tents from the highway…so we stopped….




We had found the Garden City Center Art Festival.  So MUCH FUN!!!!!!

These guys were wandering around playing music and having fun…



DSC02878 See this dog or wolf or something?  I was kissed by it….on the forehead….it was a surprise, but made me laugh!

And I purchased GEEKY stuff!!!!

DSC02918 Awesome T-shirt from Periodically Inspired.  We also bought a friend’s baby a Baby Genius shirt.

DSC02916 Very cool necklace and bracelet…very steampunk bracelet….can’t find the card at the moment for the bracelet…

DSC02919 And some Klimt earrings from Anne Made Designs

Awesome! Right?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Long Week

I've had a long week....

- a two day stay in the hospital (everything is fine)
- awards ceremony for the students (and a rush to finish them when I got out of the hospital)
- report cards had to be finished
- end of the year fun field trip yesterday

How tiring was it?  This tiring...

Gonna have a relaxing weekend.....hope you do too...