Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WIP Wednesday and Some Finishes

Friday I'm going to be on the road...ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!  So I figured I'd post some of my recent finishes today...

The kitty is from Nicki Trench Super-Cute Crochet

I made a companion for Wil-key for the road trip (she's for my niece) The pattern is in Interweave Crochet, Spring 2011

I love these and can't wait to wear them!  I've been wanting to make them forever!  Dragon Skin Gauntlets by Aoibhe Ni 

I finally finished Johnny's blanket.  Johnny is my FIL and at the moment he is at extended care in a rehab/nursing center. The pattern is by Michelle Rhodes

And what am I working on?  Well still plugging away at my Kai-Mei's (the green) I turned the heel and am working on my first knit chart ever!  I am also still working on my Jaywalkers.  The granny squares are for my Nerd Wars dissertation.  I am making a tunic.  

Last week during one of my restless nights I had to download Alison Arngrim's book "Prairie Bitch:  How I Survived Nellie Oleson and How I Learned to Love Being Hated".  I've been wanting to read it forever and I downloaded it that night and finished it the next day.  I loved it...she's great at telling her story.  I'd love to see her stand-up act. I've previously read Melissa Gilbert's book...and Melissa Sue Anderson published one in the past couple years, so maybe hers is next.

Since then, I've mainly been reading blogs, Ravelry and patterns..  I have to decide what projects to bring with me.  I'm taking the two socks, the dissertation and I'm going to take the Miranda Hat, pop over to Evelyn's blog to read about the free pattern, KAL and charity event.

As always head over to Small Things: Yarn Over  and Tami's Amis

I will be posting from the road, so please come back and enjoy the trip with us. 


Plain and Joyful Living said...

Wow - you have so many beautiful projects.

Wool Diaries said...

So many projects! Love them all. Your blanket is amazing and looks like it will be well used and loved.

Lori ann said...

what a lovely gift for your fil, i imagine it makes him feel so good! lovely knits all.

Tawnee Isner said...

You have been super busy. Your projects all look so amazing, I can't pick my favorite XD

Anonymous said...

Beautiful FO's x

Jazz said...

Love the kitty!

WonderWhyGal said...

All of those projects are beautiful! I adore the little monkey but I love the blanket you made for Johnny. I always love when we make for others.