Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Stitch Along - February 13

Well I keep missing weeks......

I have one finished object, My Shelly Valentine....which I'll wear on Thursday and get a good picture of it. But this is before blocking

Started: Feb 10, 2016
Cast Off: Feb 9, 2019 (almost three years!
I used a pair of straights from Lantern Moon...love their wooden needles...
Pattern: Ribbed Shell Cowl
Yarn is from Knitmona, not sure she is dying any longer....it was a special order called Red Velvet Cupcake...it has a bit of a sparkle....blocked, it's just stretched a bit....

So several months ago, I wrote about my Stash Space....well I just looked back to link and it seems like I never published that post! Anyway, I was going to have a Stash Space in the attic of our house.  Since we are moving, I am going to be using the master bedroom as my space.....there is still a lot to do...but little by little...
The bed will eventually be moved out of the room.....but this is where it was today....I moved the cedar chest over to the wall, so that I can use my ball winder and swift...

So there is still a lot of work to do.....this house has three large "crawl"spaces (we can stand in them) full of stuff....but most of the rooms are 80-90% done.....

So I'm working on that big project, as well as trying to complete my WIPs....

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Year of Projects: Year 6 Week 6

It is blocking now, this was before blocking.....

2019 Finishes!!!!!
Muertos: 8/13/17-1/19/19
Who Socks: 10/7/18-1/22/19 (the Who socks were never on my list)
My Shelly Valentine: 2/10/16-2/9/19 (almost three years exactly!!!)

Look at that!  I have another finish!  I am trying hard to work on the WIPs....so this is my third WIP done this year...and I have not cast on anything new...yet!  I will be casting on a few new things during this long weekend....

Took a break from writing this to run back to House #1.....we had to feed the birds, Hubs had to drop off his car for an oil change.....and I was picking up some more stuff....we are slowly moving into House #2 - the Homestead.....and going back to house #1 is like visiting my own LYS...but my stash is split....so today I am going to update my Stash on Ravelry with the "Where it is Located" option as I watch The Walking Dead marathon....I did bring back a bag and a basket of yarn.....

Works In Progress:         
WIPS: Crochet:
Round Ripple: (Started 2006 (?) Aiden)-not sure he'd want this anymore, being a high school freshman and all, but I think I'll finish it for him. He is now a sophomore.
Around the World Afghan: (April 2010): about ¼ done - I looked at this recently and I'm still liking it, so I'll keep it...maybe make it a baby blanket instead.
Sunrise Sunset Afghan: this has been hibernating awhile, 6 squares done. I still love the look of this.
Tabard Tunic (NW Diss 2/1/14) - Haven't made a final decision on this yet.
Throwback Poncho 2/19/17 - would like to finish for the fall

Venetian Cowl (July 1, 2018)

Learn to Knit Afghan: (started 2010): 3 squares done, I put this in the giveaway yarn bags..not thrilled with colors....will use squares at school for water bottles..
Shark in the Woods (11/27/14)- I really love this, but it's a lot of cabling and I'm not a fan..about 1/2 done.
Vanilla fingerless mitts (12/25/15) - Think I'm going to frog and do different mitts or crochet them.
Zombie Vixen mitts (10/17/15)- still working on them, again cabling
Garter Path Shawlette (5/30/16)- I have frogged this a couple of times...
Swinging with Winkle (6/4/16)- I love this so much!  Just need to finish it! Added a few rows
Meandering Top (5/20/16) - Took it out, at the separation of arms, looks really big!
Bulky Cowl - this hurts my hands to work on...think I need slippery needles...
Splediferous Blanket - (4/15/17) Roald Dahl club, mitered blanket
Selbu Mitts - 3/26/18

Beekeeper Cardigan - 7/1/18 
Lucy's Elephant - 7/24/18, ripped out and restarted next size up 1/26/19

Kai-Mei: (April 2012) - has not changed, 
Espalier Socks (Jan 10, 2016) - started and stopped...
Games Socks- 2/15/18
Cloudy Rainbows - 5/11/18 

Sunny Skies - 5/12/18
Northampton Socks - 5/26/18, sock one done 2/9/19
Splashy Flowers: (May 2011) - add a motif scarf, don't see that being finished soon...
Light in Shadows (1/14/14) - I love this so much...need to start the new direction, so need to sit down and figure it out..
Willow Fields (9/6/14) - ran out of yarn, waiting on yarn, may have to frog.

Beach Bag: (started May 2010)  Just needs lining sewn in, I used it this year without the lining...so may just call it a day on this.... 

Fire and Blood (5/4/14) - not anytime soon
Outlander MKAL (8/8/14)  - possibility of finishing this..the yarn is so yummy