Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day Four: 31st March. Where are they now? 2KCBWDAY4

Whatever happened to your __________?

Write about the fate of a past knitting project. Whether it be something that you crocheted or knitted for yourself or to give to another person. An item that lives with you or something which you sent off to charity.

There are a lot of different aspects to look at when looking back at a knitting project and it can make for interesting blogging, as much of the time we blog about items recently completed, new and freshly completed. It is not so often that we look back at what has happened to these items after they have been around for a while.

How has one of your past knits lived up to wear. Maybe an item has become lost. Maybe you spent weeks knitting your giant-footed dad a pair of socks in bright pink and green stripes which the then ‘lost’. If you have knit items to donate to a good cause, you could reflect on the was in which you hope that item is still doing good for it’s owner or the cause it was made to support.

I’m going to write about this:

th_crochet2001 This is an afghan that a friend asked me to make (the same friend who I’m making the green sweater for).  We went to the store and she picked out the yarn…big box yarn.  Unfortunately she picked out Lion Brand Chenille….I love the feel of this yarn, but will never use it again…(I made a blanket out of it too…)

I had to repair holes in the afghan this year…why?  Because the chenille snapped!  It was a pain in the ass to fix….hopefully it’ll stay together now…The colors are pretty striking together and you see that red?  That’s Lion Brand Homespun, I’ve never had issues crocheting with it, but it does loosen up some…

She loves it and it sits on the couch and is used constantly by her and her kids….I made this blanket about 4 years ago and it held up for about 3…so we’ll see if my “fixes” can hold up longer! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day Three: 30th March. Tidy mind, tidy stitches 2KCBWDAY3

How do you keep your yarn wrangling organised? It seems like an easy to answer question at first, but in fact organisation exists on many levels. Maybe you are truly not organised at all, in which case I am personally daring you to try and photograph your stash in whatever locations you can find the individual skeins. However, if you are organised, blog about an aspect of that organisation process, whether that be a particularly neat and tidy knitting bag, a decorative display of your crochet hooks, your organised stash or your project and stash pages on Ravelry.
I’ve blogged about my yarn stash organization before and even shown some pics here
I have a crapload of yarn and it is in many places.  Most of my crapload is acrylic and big box yarn..which brings me to a question, dear readers..should I take my acrylic/big-box yarn off my Ravelry stash page(s).  The reason being that I rarely update that yarn and I know I’ve given some away and used some up….What do you think?
My good yarn is in plastic totes, several of them.  My yarn is mostly in my “spare” room.  Our spare room is the computer/professional library/storage room as we have no closets (well we have a 1/2 closet)  So it has become our storage room.  I don’t work in it (except on the computer), I just store my yarn and beads and other misc items in there. 
My minority good yarn is starting to rival my majority crap yarn.  I use my big-box yarn for many things, mostly amiguramis and blankets.
I’m off topic…reining it back in…
I do have most of my stash listed on Ravelry…I have also started organizing each project into a separate bag….I blogged a bit about that here, but here is another more recent picture with knitting projects!
Each bag in the basket has a separate project…and obviously I need some more bags, as there are projects without bags.  This way I just throw a notions bag (I have 3, almost identical) into the project bag I need and I’m all set….
Here is a blog post about my knitting bag.  It is a bit more organized than my crochet ones….

Hmm, so am I organized?  well the Hubs says I like to pretend I am…all I can say, is I try….

This is the side of my bed, at the moment, I did not tidy it up (as you can tell!)
DSC03553 The top bag is the sweater I’m working on.  The top green is the parts of the sweater I have finished and a couple more baskets filled with projects.  You can just see my knitting bag in the bottom left and behind that is another mountain of bags with crochet projects in them (mostly afghans) 

Now I have a surprise for those still reading!  I’m going to do a giveaway!  Now reading all about the yarn deprivation of really fabulous squeaky American acrylic yarn, since I have SO MUCH, I’m going to give away three skeins….If you are overseas and would like to be entered, leave a comment letting me know…You too can own a skein of Red Heart, Vanna’s Choice, Bernat, or maybe some Peaches and Cream or the other brand of cotton?  Let me know…I will random generate on Sunday 5:00pm EST. Then the three winners, we can chat about which brand or color you would like (it’ll be stash yarn, so whatever I have)  You can take a look at my Rav page, but only some of them have pictures….I’m kinda loathe to part with I Love This Yarn, as I do have to order it or during my travels find a Hobby Lobby, but maybe you can talk me into it!
Now off to read about other and better organizers of yarn stashes…

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Woot, Woot, an award and a prize!


One of my favoritest blog ladies nominated me for the

index  award….That would be The Gingerbread Lady.  I enjoy her blog lots! It has lots of funny stories and she also teaches and a bonus is that although she is from Ireland, she lives in Germany.  These are two countries I have an affinity for (I lived in Germany as a wee child – dad in service, and I’ve been told I look Irish, we only have one possible family link to that country, but I’ll take it!)

Now I need to nominate 5 blogs I enjoy that have under 100 followers…

Useless Beauty – again the funny and in another country

Fridica – another blog from a country I have visited and enjoyed, plus she has a fresh outlook on some things.

Thrums – This one is from next door to me in New York.  I enjoy reading Lori’s take on things, plus BONUS we’ve met in real life!

SheepishAnnie – unlike the others, I don’t think she has visited my blog.  But she is absolutely hysterical!  Plus she teaches, too! 

This is very hard to narrow it down, but the last one would be

Implausible Yarn – she’s a newer (to me) blog I’ve been reading frequently and enjoying! 

So go check them out and maybe we can get them over 100 followers**

** Both Thrums and Fridica don’t have a follow button, so not sure how many they actually have…hmmmm I don’t tend to “follow” people myself, just add them to my blogroll…but I understand it is easier for some people, which is why I have a follow button…..

Oh and my prize!  What could it be?  Of course it’s yarn again!!!!!

DSC03552 I won this latest prize from Through the Back Loops.  Woohoo!  I’ve picked up those sheep bags a BAZILLION times, but have never bought one for myself.  I think I bought one to send in a swap, so very HAPPY!!!  And the DIC Baby?  I’ve not seen it around here yet…Will have to find something special to make with it….not baby stuff, as all the babies born lately have been BOYS!  But I’ll add it to the stash and admire it’s pink lovliness.  I took a break from contests, as I’ve won quite a few lately….need to give someone else a chance….Hahahaha….

Skill + 1UP – 2KCBWDAY2


Look back over your last year of projects and compare where you are in terms of skill and knowledge of your craft to this time last year. Have you learned any new skills or forms of knitting/crochet (can you crochet cable stitches now where you didn’t even know such things existed last year? Have you recently put a foot in the tiled world of entrelac? Had you even picked up a pair of needles or crochet hook this time last year?

Well last year I was not knitting, not thinking about knitting.  I love to crochet and I make lots of things in crochet.  But I started lusting after knitted socks…and I knew I couldn’t beg them off of anyone…who wants to give up hours of work to an almost stranger…so my only choice?  Learn to knit!

Have I made socks yet?  No!  But I have an almost finished one…the problem is my project ADD (not hyperactivity, just attention-deficient). 

I am an instant gratification kinda project maker….I like things done fast…and if I have to spend a long time on something, it languishes for a LONG TIME…while I work on OTHER THINGS THAT ARE QUICKER… hats…

I have knitted two hats:

DSC02616 My first one was a J. Knits project.  It was the first project I bought…and I must confess I bought it mainly for the bag it came in!  I don’t wear it much.  It’s tight fitting and I prefer looser, slouchier hats.  But I finished it and learned many skills along the way.

DSC03507And my recently completed Seedling hat.  I adore this hat and have worn it many times already!  Again, I learned many new stitches with this pattern….

I have several patterns I have bought and paired with yarn and am waiting to start:

DSC02916DSC02917DSC02919DSC02603DSC03289These are just a few.  The last one was from the Loopy Ewe yarn club and I want to make the shawl.

I decided to buy projects I liked and learn the skills for each project as I go along.  Does that make me a process knitter?  Or am I the other kind?  (Sorry blanking on the label, but it has to do with finished projects I think)

So where I am now that I wasn’t last year?  I am knitting, but I must say I do still prefer crochet.  But there are days I “itch” to knit, if you know what I mean!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week

Day One: 28th March. A Tale of Two Yarns.
Part of any fiber enthusiast’s hobby is an appreciation of yarn. Choose two yarns that you have either used, are in your stash or which you yearn after and capture what it is you love or loathe about them.
Fiber enthusiast I am…actually great hoarder of yarn I have become…To choose just two…well let’s talk about Zen String Lotus Toes in Secret Garden.
DSC03549 I first saw this yarn in a swap on Ravelry.  I had nothing to offer for it, but I feel in love with it. 
For me, it’s all about color first.  I have to love the color.  I don’t dislike many colors, but I tend to gravitate to greens, purples and fall colors.  I tried to find some online, but no luck…So I just waited…
Eventually it was put up again, and I was able to get it this time.  I love this yarn!  Plus the name is Secret Garden and that is my favorite childhood book.  It is a fingering weight and I’m not sure what I will make with it, but I am so happy to have it finally in my stash!  Zen String is now Wildflower Whimsy and I have purchased some more yarn from her.  It recently was the yarn used for my Seedling hat.
My second yarn would have to be Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted.  I never planned on buying this, but the Zombie BBQ name got me…then I felt the squishiness of the skein and I had to have it.  It is my absolute favorite yarn I have worked with so far.  I have bought another skein in Amish and have bought some other Lorna’s Laces.  I think I am a convert…..
DSC02869 The Zombie BBQ
and the Amish.DSC03550Not sure yet what I am making with the Amish….but it will be fabulously squishy!

If you would like to read other tales of yarn, please go here or type in 2KCBWDAY1.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday here at home

I’m thinking it will be a pj day….I’m wearing my pink poodle pj’s today…I am not feeling well…stupid headcold…stupid Hubs for giving me a stupid headcold!


He is also sick, as is everyone at his parent’s house (parents and sister).  He has been out there all week…and now we are both sick…But his mom is the sickest…she is in the hospital….send good vibes her way….

He is going to visit her today..I’m not going…

Thursday we had our night parent conferences…we had conferences from 1:00 until 6:30, except the last 4 didn’t show up….yep, I like wasting my time waiting for you……We have 57 students….we got about 2/3 of our parents to show up…that’s pretty good….

But I came home and slept for 10 1/2 hours…Friday woke up with a sore throat…went to work…came home and slept for 2 1/2 hours….then another 8 hours last night…

Still tired, still have sore throat…ears aching…it’s a stay in bed kinda day!  Besides I have to start that train sweater for a friend….good reason to stay in bed, with large cups of tea…and maybe watch some Colin Firth as Darcy….


I also received another one of my OWOH prizes this week….It’s very pretty!

DSC03540It’s from Germany and I won it from this site

I hope you all have a great weekend!  I also have yarn to stash on Ravelry…

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yarn Along


~ Two of my favorite things are crocheting/knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a single photo and share it either on your blog or on Flickr.  ~   Ginny

Truly sorry for the crappy picture.  It’s almost 8 and it’s snowing outside…yep..first day of spring this week, and with it came the snow!  We had more than a dusting (somewhat of a crunching) on Monday…and up to 6 inches tonight…We have parent conferences tomorrow…we shall see…

So haven’t felt like blogging much, just been super busy with report cards, parent conferences, dads visiting…so decided to join Ginny for this one today…If you’d like to play along, head on over to Small Things.

This green ball of yarn will eventually become a sweater for a friend’s son, thinking of starting it tonight…and Gentle Warrior.  I love Julie Garwood’s historical books. I thought I had read them all, but I found this at a Borders closing sale last week….enjoying it, but not as much as some of her others….These are my “chick lit” light books.  I can usually read one in a night (if given the time) or a day…Love me a good historical romance…

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Day Out and About

My dad is visiting from Texas.  On Friday, he, my niece and I spent the day out and about….

He wanted to visit the New England Carousel Museum.  I used to work there.  I ran their “Painted Pony” parties.  These were mainly Girl Scout troops who slept overnight at the museum.  We did crafts, and slept on the hard wood floor.  I did It for about a year.  One of my many, many jobs…

It was a good visit. They are much larger than when I worked there.  There is also a Fire History Museum on the top floor.  So you really get two museums in one….

We also went to the Iwo Jima Memorial in New Britain, CT.   It was a good day.

DSC03529At the museum

DSC03532Riding the carousel at the mall, after the museum.

DSC03533My dad at the memorial

DSC03518Allison ringing the fire bell at the Fire Museum.  It was really loud!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday FO–Second Knit Finish!

I don’t normally do Friday FO’s, because I tend to just post my FO’s when done.  I finished this one on Wednesday night at 10:45, in time to wear it for St. Patrick’s Day.



I have my giant bug glasses on, it was sunny….This is Seedling by Never Not Knitting.  I love it! 

I had a couple of problems.  I had a hole that I had to fix under the first leaf.  The bottom leaf isn’t as distinctive as the other two, I wasn’t quite sure on some of the stitches and had to watch a few videos.  When I got to finishing, I kept dropping stitches off my needle.  But all in all, I absolutely love it!

The yarn is Wildflower Whimsy Peony fingering in Emerald Isle.  Her site is down now, but she has some great yarn.

I am off to spend the day with my dad, who is visiting from Texas. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Swap Package

I have been lax this week and have not posted.  I’ve been really tired, report cards, parent conferences, state testing….and finishing my second knit in time for St. Patrick’s Day (that will be in another post)

I did receive my swap package from the “Something On the Side” on Rav.  It was a good package.  I hope my swappee likes hers, but she probably hasn’t received it yet.  I sent it at the last minute on Tuesday…

DSC03500 This was a bath swap. I received some nice cherry blossom lotion and bath stuff.  She sent some Gloves in a Bottle, which I’ve never seen, a bath scrubbie (I think, the Hubs thinks it’s a trivet) and three skeins of yarn.   Love the Happy Feet.  I’ve never seen the cotton brand before and the Knit Picks is a great color!

So all in all a good swap. The only nitpicky little thing is I always include notes in my swap packages, and she did not send one.  I like to tell why and where I picked things up, but that’s okay….

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Yarn Crawl on the North Shore


This is my haul from yesterday’s yarn crawl.  I was so excited to go on my first “official” yarn crawl.  If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you know that I have organized several “mini-crawls” that I have done alone, or with a friend (like Lori). 

There were 12 stores signed up for the yarn crawl north of Boston.  I could only go on Saturday, so I kinda planned on making a loop. 

I started at Seed Stitch in Salem.  They were the organizers of the crawl and I was able to pick up my “yarn crawl” button there. 

I will blog about each shop separately.

Next, I went to Beverly and hit up two shops.  The first, Creative Yarns, is a new shop that just opened.  Then I went to Yarns in the Farms.  Whoa was it packed!

Then, I headed out to Gloucester.  I have always wanted to visit Gloucester since seeing the movie “The Perfect Storm.”  I can’t remember if I read the book, too or have just seen the movie a bunch of times.  But I have read several books by Linda Greenlaw. 

Anyway, I went to Coveted Yarns.  Very busy and lots of yarn and lots of discounts!  I was going to stop to eat, but decided not to waste my yarn shopping time.  Besides, I want to go back with the Hubs and really visit Gloucester.  But I did get to meet Heather of Sereknity fame.  I am a fan and have several of her yarns.

I headed back west and hit up Cranberry Fiber Arts, which reminded me a lot of a store here in Connecticut.

Then I stopped at Butterfly Yarns in Wakefield, which also reminded me of the old Sit and Knit store in West Hartford. 

I ended my day at Sit ‘n Knit in Melrose.  It was funny to end it at a familiar sounding store.  As the Sit ‘n Knit here in Connecticut was the first LYS I visited and have gone back many times.

All in all, a great day!  I did restrain myself and only purchased a little at each store.  Except Coveted Yarn, as they had great discounts and local yarn.  I also purchased a bit at Sit ‘n Knit because she had a discount on her Manos Cotton Stria, which I love and I believe they have discontinued…

I will blog later in the week about each store and will be adding a page of LYS’ outside of Connecticut.  I have been to some in NY, CA, RI, PA, and MA.  I have tried to visit some in TX and FL, but without success….

Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Package

But this one I purchased and did not win….My second Club Loopy package from The Loopy Ewe.

What is fast becoming my favorite yarn


Lorna’s Laces Honor in The Loopy Ewe Shuffle, an exclusive colorway.  Honor is Baby Alpaca and silk, nothing more luscious….and the color is great! 

I’ve lately become a big fan of Lorna’s Laces after using the Shepard Wool in Zombie BBQ.  I’ll be getting some more tomorrow….

What else was in the package you ask?

DSC03464 Another cool Bugga bag (another brand I’m loving, this is my third bag) and two nice patterns


Needed to share before the crawl tomorrow, as I will be blogging about my day…so excited!!!  The Hubs keeps asking if I’m going to stay home and go to the movies….I counter with, we can go to Gloucester and get seafood…maybe he’ll actually surprise me and come with me…but either way it’s going to be a beautiful day!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Win Again!

Told you I’ve been lucky lately, maybe I should hit up one of the casinos in the state!

Although the weather is not great today, I wanted to share with you my wonderful mail…

First up from Gracie in Mexico

DSC03438This cute little frog purse.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep it, or gift it to someone.  She also sent along the most adorable crocheted kitty!  I may use it as a bookmark, or sew it to a bag and a fantastic bird keychain.  I LURVES that keychain!  And look at that great envelope…I need to bring it in to share tomorrow….Plus she volunteered to host a Flat Stanley!  Too cool!

Next up was this piece of art work…I didn’t actually comment for too many pieces of artwork, as I have no place to hang or display them.  But this piece spoke to me…Isn’t that what art is suppose to do?


It says,”How much rice is in your bowl?”  I love this.  It came from the wonderful Judith at Quilt or Dye.  I just love this! 

Now I am eagerly anticipating this Saturday.  I will be joining in my first “official” yarn crawl.  There is also a Rav group for the North Shore Yarn Crawl.  

Yeah, yeah, I know….but it’s gonna be fun…..I’m kinda looking for other goodies than yarn, although I have a swap partner to buy for…and I’m gonna blog them…

So do you wanna see what came in yesterday’s mail?  Come on, I know you do!


DSC03441These are from Gaia’s Colors.  Someone mentioned that she is closing shop and I’ve always wanted to try her yarn.  The color is so saturated and brilliant even on this grey and rainy day! 

The top is Turquoise Woman in a wool/bamboo/nylon blend and the second is luscious Eriu in wool/cashmere/silk blend….So squishy!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tired, Just Tired

I've been working all week on correcting papers and working on report cards.  We are in the midst of state know the one that says whether we are a failing school or not (yeah there is sarcasm in that remark)

Next week we start parent conferences....we have 57 day we are in conferences for almost 6 hours!

I haven't been doing too much teaching this week, as the tests are from 45 minutes to an hour...and our kids take 10 of them...2 solid weeks of sucks...and they need some down time, plus I've been wicked tired lately....

We have been working on some of these....They had to make plushies....They measured, cut out, sewed and stuffed...and today they started working on their Quatrain poems to go along with their plushy....

They also had a project due to create a social studies game to teach landforms...we've been playing those in the afternoon.....It's just one of those weeks....An FYI, most of these kids have never sewn before or seen anyone sew....

Monday, March 7, 2011

I Win!

DSC03415 I won a really cool looking clock from Heather at Implausible Yarn.  I wasn’t sure I was going to enter, but my classroom needs a clock.

My classroom clock “gave up the ghost” back in December.  Now (mini-rant coming) people really think that schools have all this money…yeah, there is no money to replace my clock.  So I have had a giant hole in my wall….and about 50 times a day, I have to answer, “What time is it, Miss?”

Today was bad, as it is instrumental day…so different kids leave at different times to go play instruments….

I also had to buy copy paper this weekend, because our building has been out for the past week.  They ordered some, but they have to shift money around to figure out what account to use and to cover the cost.  Copy paper costs a lot and because we don’t have consumable books, we use a lot. (Mini-rant over)

I’ve been lucky to win several things the past couple of weeks and I’ll share them with you when I receive them…

Now to go correct papers and work on report cards….

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sheepy Time

Yesterday the Hubs and I went to see The Adjustment Bureau.  It was good.  We both enjoy Matt Damon as an actor.  Although, I’ve really only seen his action and drama films, not too many of the comedies.
On the way home we stopped at the local weekend flea market.  I get a lot of his Christmas gifts here….
I took a few quick snaps..
DSC03412 Those drawers had a ton of crafting supplies in them.  I only purchased two things.  One for an upcoming swap and the second this:
DSC03414 A Sheepy Bank!  How cute is that!  I said, “I’ll put extra change in and when it’s full, I’ll buy yarn!”  The Hubs?  He said, “With the amount of yarn you buy, you need to put in $20 bills!”  Hahaha….Love him! 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hello Peeps!

I kind of didn’t feel like blogging or had nothing to say this week:

But…I finished this:

DSC03408for a baby shower on Wednesday.  I was going to make a sweater, but it just wasn’t working.  So I turned it into a Sherpa vest…The parents love it!  I have several adults who said they wanted one…

I am eating Jelly Belly jellybeans just because….I have had two Cadbury Easter eggs this week, one regular, one caramel…

State testing started yesterday…we test for two solid weeks…My kids have 9 more tests to go…

Don’t you long for the days of this:


DSC03404Playing fun games with your friends…dominoes and Life…

I have to spend the weekend correcting papers and working on report’s suppose to rain on Sunday..perfect…

I started watching Spartacus:  Blood and Sand…oh my goodness!  The violence, the blood, the full frontal nudity and the s*x…holy Roman Empire!  I’m not sure if I like it or not, but it does have an intriguing story and I keep watching….

And tonight I get to watch Supernatural!  Those Winchester boys always make my smile and this just makes me happy every time..

They said Jared missed his cue on purpose to see what Jensen would do…You can tell Jenson doesn’t know the whole song, as he flubs a few lines.  But it makes me laugh every time….

And Judge Judy is berating people in the other room… glad it is Friday!