Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Woot, Woot, an award and a prize!


One of my favoritest blog ladies nominated me for the

index  award….That would be The Gingerbread Lady.  I enjoy her blog lots! It has lots of funny stories and she also teaches and a bonus is that although she is from Ireland, she lives in Germany.  These are two countries I have an affinity for (I lived in Germany as a wee child – dad in service, and I’ve been told I look Irish, we only have one possible family link to that country, but I’ll take it!)

Now I need to nominate 5 blogs I enjoy that have under 100 followers…

Useless Beauty – again the funny and in another country

Fridica – another blog from a country I have visited and enjoyed, plus she has a fresh outlook on some things.

Thrums – This one is from next door to me in New York.  I enjoy reading Lori’s take on things, plus BONUS we’ve met in real life!

SheepishAnnie – unlike the others, I don’t think she has visited my blog.  But she is absolutely hysterical!  Plus she teaches, too! 

This is very hard to narrow it down, but the last one would be

Implausible Yarn – she’s a newer (to me) blog I’ve been reading frequently and enjoying! 

So go check them out and maybe we can get them over 100 followers**

** Both Thrums and Fridica don’t have a follow button, so not sure how many they actually have…hmmmm I don’t tend to “follow” people myself, just add them to my blogroll…but I understand it is easier for some people, which is why I have a follow button…..

Oh and my prize!  What could it be?  Of course it’s yarn again!!!!!

DSC03552 I won this latest prize from Through the Back Loops.  Woohoo!  I’ve picked up those sheep bags a BAZILLION times, but have never bought one for myself.  I think I bought one to send in a swap, so very HAPPY!!!  And the DIC Baby?  I’ve not seen it around here yet…Will have to find something special to make with it….not baby stuff, as all the babies born lately have been BOYS!  But I’ll add it to the stash and admire it’s pink lovliness.  I took a break from contests, as I’ve won quite a few lately….need to give someone else a chance….Hahahaha….

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lori said...

Tammy!! Thank you so much! I may be wrong about this, but the follow button thing comes with blogspot. Since I'm self-hosted on wordpress, I can't get access to such a thing. Like you, I just subscribe so it doesn't affect me, but it may bother other people. :(

have a great day - it's bright and sunny here, hope it's the same there.