Sunday, April 26, 2009

Making jewerly

Today I made two birthday presents. As I don't believe they read my blog, I will post pics of them. Leah has been talking about getting a gold watch. Well I finally found a gold face (hard to find here) in PA. I made her watch today with multicolored beads. Suzy's birthday was during vacation week. I made her a pair of dangly earrings. It's the first time, I've put two dangles on them. I still have trouble wrapping, but I am getting better. The third pic is of my phone cozy. I got a touchtone phone awhile ago. The same week I got mine, 2 people I know broke their "windows" I was stupid and did not take the insurance, so I made a cozy to prtoect my phone. It is out of Bamboozled that I got in PA. I'm liking it.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

CT Wool and Fiber Part 2

I did get to see the HHCC ladies. Dee was crocheting with roving, so I had to try that. I bought a ball of roving from a mill in Putnam. Good memories of living in Putnam. I also bought some glass sheep earrings (a ittle hard to see) and a glass button. I am looking for the perfect button for a felted purse I have in mind. I bought a few at Twist in New Hope, PA also. I was doing good at resisting the yarn, then I felt the angora rabbit blend. It is heavily. So right before I left, I bought a skein of it. Probably going to make fingerless gloves with it. Love the colors. I found that print of the wooden spoons and had to have it. Larry collects wooden spoons and it is just perfect. Well guess that's about it. Trying to do some cleaning, then I can sit down and crochet some...

Jade, CT Sheep and Wool Pt. 1

Yesterday I drove up to Mass to meet Jade. My friend from the 'ville had her about a month ago. Her original due date was this Sunday, so she was about a month early. She is absolutely beautiful. She slept most of the day, but woke up occasionally. She is very small, probably the smallest baby I've held, but she is steadily growing. Yeah Jade!

Today I went to the CT Sheep and Wool Festival. I went later than I nornally go and the t-shirts were almost sold out. i was able to snag one. The rest were all smalls. It was a beautiful day and packed at the festival. This is my third year attending. The last two years it has been cold. There seemed to be more vendors than the last couple of years, too. These pics are of the fair grounds, a sheep getting ready to be shared (there is education stuff going on) and two llamas that were for sale. I'd love a llama. Alejandro is the white one and I forgot the name of the other....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We then went to a couple of local stores: Ollies and Joanne's. It was a wonderful day and I was so sorry for it to end. They all left about 8:00. I loved that I was able to go down and get to meet my friends for the first time. It was a blast!
The next day I wandered around a bit and did some shopping. I took a few pics of some farms. I also visited The Amish House and Farm which was very nice. On Monday when I left, I stopped by Amy's on the way out. I had left something in her car. I got to meet Chris and we all had lunch. Amy then planned out a yarn route for me to take home. I found two of the the stores, but only one was open. It was Twist Knitting and Spinning in New Hope. I bought a skwin of Rowan and some great buttons there. The owner and the other two ladies were extremely friendly and helpful. They were changing things around in the shop and kept apologizing. The shop was very cute with a good selection. If I lived closer, I would definetely shop there often. Then I drove home and spent a loooooong time on Route 202. Then went through the HELL that is the GW Bridge, paying $8 for the priviledge. I just wanted to get home and ended up going through NYC and it was a BIG mistake. What a nightmare! Finally got home and am still tired, but the weather has been yucky, so I think that is part of it....What a great trip!

These are pictures from our first yarn stop at Labadie Looms in Paradise, PA. It was a very nice place. The owner was very friendly. There were looms everywhere! Virginia, Amy and I all bought Araucania sugar cane yarn. Well V really enabled Amy and I into it by pointing it out and marveling at it's softness. Shelby was able to resist. I also bought some locally spun wool, because I like to support local industries. I also bought some Baboozled. I'm going to try to make a case for my new phone. Then we went to the Lancaster Yarn Shop in Lancaster. We only had 5 minutes. We didin't buy any yarn, it was very small. But I did buy a bag and I will post a pic of that later. In the last post is a pic of Amy and V at this shop. The pic of the four of us is from this shop, too.

We enjoyed a ride on the Strasburg Railroad. We each crocheted for a bit, giving us each a Flat Stanley photo. The train road was really nice. After the train ride, we went to The Good N' Plenty restaurant. It is family style dining, so you sit with strangers at a long table. I think I've been to one other place like that. We sat with a family from Long Island (they were acting like "pork chops") and a couple from West Virginia or Virginia (sorry forgot which) It was very good food and very filling. Browsed in the gift shop after and then continued on with our trip.

It would only let me post 5 pictures at a time. So this is the beginning of my trip to Lancaster. V arrived first at my hotel. I had just finished breakfast and she and I chatted while waiting for the other two. V also brought some yummy soap to share with us. Shelby then arrived and then Amy. We chatted for a few minutes, then headed out. We stopped at the National Christmas Center in Paradise, PA first. That was a fun museum. I love Christmas and Santas. It was mush larger than we expected and had some beautiful displays. I took the pic of the Santa quilt. It was made by a man from over 9000 little squares. It's gorgeous. I also took a pic of the display w/Betty Boop for Judy. The last display is of "women's work" but there was no crochet represented, although there were crocheted pieces. I bought a few things at the gift shop and then we took a pic together. Then we headed to the Strasburg Railroad. The last pic is of Shelby and V on the train crocheting (Flat Stanley pics)