Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It would only let me post 5 pictures at a time. So this is the beginning of my trip to Lancaster. V arrived first at my hotel. I had just finished breakfast and she and I chatted while waiting for the other two. V also brought some yummy soap to share with us. Shelby then arrived and then Amy. We chatted for a few minutes, then headed out. We stopped at the National Christmas Center in Paradise, PA first. That was a fun museum. I love Christmas and Santas. It was mush larger than we expected and had some beautiful displays. I took the pic of the Santa quilt. It was made by a man from over 9000 little squares. It's gorgeous. I also took a pic of the display w/Betty Boop for Judy. The last display is of "women's work" but there was no crochet represented, although there were crocheted pieces. I bought a few things at the gift shop and then we took a pic together. Then we headed to the Strasburg Railroad. The last pic is of Shelby and V on the train crocheting (Flat Stanley pics)

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