Sunday, January 31, 2010


The past two Saturdays I have had to get up before dawn to meet some friends heading to NYC for some workshops. The workshops have been great and well worth it. Although yesterday's second session, we left early, as it was for higher grades. It has been a lot of fun and the last session is the end of February...Here's a few pics...

January 6 - Northhampton

On January 6, I had the day off from work. Larry has been to Northhampton several times and we've talked often of going up to visit. So we decided to go...It was a bit cold, but we had a wonderful time! I got to visit WEBS for the first time! It was great and I bought lots of yarn. Since then I have not bought any yarn, but have acquired some through some swaps on Ravelry..I took a pic of us walking through town, the outside of WEBS, a very cool looking house and a little black sheep I bought at a small shop. We also stopped into Ten Thousand Villages a fair trade store. I bought a necklace made in Ecuador...We also got a parking ticket, cuz we were 30 minutes late getting back to the lot...darn yarn!

Wow - it's been awhile! - Gotta play catch-up!

I kept thinking about updating and have taken loads of pictures to use, but just haven't, Was sick for awhile and it took alot of my energy. Also been quite busy and very stressed at work. Yeah vacation is two weeks away! So guess I'll just post some pics...Niece in hat and scarf I made. She picked out the yarn, it's Paton's Encore. The picture cracks me up everytime I look at it. She's a goofball!