Monday, October 31, 2011


I spent several hours at the library, charging things up and working on my last Nerd Wars project...It is about a mile away, I had to walk, no I'm charged school tomorrow again, so I'll probably be back at the library...although now I have my upstairs neighbor broke into the garage...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

We Have a Delay

So in 20+ years of living here, we have lost power (28 hours and counting)....I am on my netbook, which is rapidly losing power...over 80% of our town is without power, over 800,000 people in our state...

The Hubs coming home in whiteout conditions said that this snowstorm beats Hurricane Irene's A$$!!! He didn't recognize roads he grew up driving on...

So blogiversary prize will be chosen once I get up and running again...and yes I have pictures of the storm I will share....

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Really? Snow Already!

Last year was a bad winter…we had 7 snow days and school went until almost July…crazy…this year we already have to make up a day because of a hurricane….(luckily the earthquake happened in the middle of the summer)

So today this started

This was about 1:15…

The snow had been going for about an hour when I shot the first video.

I just shot this about 3 hours later…it’s still going strong…

About 4:20…

I’m not feeling well with a sore throat, nasty cough, etc…So snuggled up with tv (Dr. Who and now Stargate Atlantis) and my last Nerd Wars project, the Kathy Merrick Chain Lace Big Fat Scarf.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What’s Today? You Ask….

Why it’s my 4 year BLOGIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!

Do I have a giveaway? You ask….

Of course!  Those who have been readers for awhile know that I love giveaways!

Do I have to do anything? You ask….

Just leave a comment with a way to contact you…and maybe some chocolate for bribery…..

Well what is it!? You ask…because you know I am the Guardian of Yarn….

Well it is a little bit different and somewhat goofy this time around….

DSC01116 What did I tell you?  I made this fun pumpkin with googly eyes from FreshStitches and he is a free pattern…..

I made him with Lamb’s Pride Bulky yarn.  The yarn and the safety eyes were bought at Stitches… you get Googly-Eyed Pumpkin

Is that it? You ask….

Pushy!!!! Of course not!

colin1 How about this?  Oh wait, he’s not mine to give….He was just a pretty picture I stopped on when looking for this…

DSC01118 A fun tin, a funner pin and a pretty hand-made glass button…all bought at Stitches….

What? Wait! No Yarn? you yell….because you know I am now the Guardian of Yarn (it’s a big job and someone has to do it…..)

Okay, Greedy much?  I forgot to buy something at Rhinebeck, where I intended to purchase yarn for this…I did purchase a Rhinebeck pin and when I find what the heck I did with it, it will also be included in the package….

But I did purchase some yarn at Stitches I’ve been lusting after since first seeing it….

DSC01075 How GORGEOUS is this yarn!  It’s the new Rowan Colorspun….It’s okay I have another skein in a different color and plan on order many more, along with the pattern book (I bought it to try)….It’s 50g..148 yds (135m) So it’s not a ton, but enough to play with and make something small and fun!!!!!!

And you never know…I could stick something in that tin….

Hope you enjoy my BLOGIVERSARY!!!!!!! (small print….giveaway will end at 12:00 pm EST on Sunday Oct 30…I’ll random generate then…and I just killed a spider crawling across my keyboard)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along


The book I picked up at Stitches East….where I met Lisa Souza.  The book is great, not only does it have fantastic patterns, it has stories to go along with the patterns….

And no, I have not finished any of the books from last week’s post or the previous weeks….

The project is my Chain Lace Big Fat Scarf.  I am on the 5th color…it calls for nine colors…I have eight wound up and ready to go…I’m going to work on it until Sunday…but I have to finish it by Monday to include it in Nerd Wars…

As always, if you want to see more projects, head over to

tami_wip DSC_0041-1

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stitches 2011–1st Edition

An exhausting weekend!  I helped out Mary in her booth for The New England Yarn and Spindle, which is my local yarn store. 

DSC01047 It was a lot of fun and I met lots of people, but it was exhausting!

Some new vendors I discovered: Forbidden (she has nerd yarn!)

DSC01049 and had in her shop some great box bags by JessaLu…I got a Dr. Who bag!


We Got The Buttons where I bought 3 buttons, a hair clip and a Christmas pin


And Miss Purl, where I got a couple of tins and a couple of buttons


DSC01092 These 2 are mine (the one in the pic above is for someone else)

Also in the picture above are some hand painted safety eyes that I found at Debra’s Garden

Seabury Organizers had some great spiral organizers, but I was looking for something to keep my wooden hooks in and one of my hooks is longer than average, so I bought this bag..


Also in the picture are two of my new crochet hooks.  One is made of abalone and one is made of bone.  Not sure I’ll use them, but they were pretty! I got the hooks, along with those two Rowan skeins from Yarn Barn in Kansas.  I love this yarn and have been lusting after it.  I bought a couple skeins to try, but I’m going to have Mary order the pattern book and more yarn for me.

The green skein in the picture above is from String Theory, which is not new to me, but the yarn is too luscious to pass up! I think it’s going to become my Multnomah, which has been waiting for the perfect yarn!

The purpley skein is from Decadent Fibers and I had to get it because of this Savory Socks pattern.

That’s it for today…stay tuned for the res, because of course there is more….

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shades of Grey or Gray

The other day, we read the word grey in a story at school…one of my brightest students asked me what it was….so then we had a mini-lesson on the different spellings of words depending on what country you might be in…

I wandered by gray country at Rhinebeck…truly I did not know there were this many shades of grey…it was amazing….





This were all on sale from Tess’ Designer Yarns.  She seemed to be doing a pretty brisk business…and I thought about purchasing a skein or two….they felt really nice….but three things stopped me…

1.  No prices listed, you had to ask a sales rep and they read it from a sheet…(I hate that!)

2.  There was a bit of a line…I was all for avoiding lines at all costs…

3.  I got distracted by the disco ball, when I turned around….this meant I was by Red Maple Sportswear, which was Rhinebeck Bingo Headquarters and the makers of these:

DSC00988 My husband has declared them the best socks ever (I bought him a pair last year)…and I treated myself to the stripy ones, which I am wearing right now….

I wore gray though out my sophomore year of high school…I really like the color grey….but ya’ know shiny things, they do distract….

And when I saw all this grey/gray, it made me think of mooncalfmakeswho has admired a grey skein or two..

Friday, October 21, 2011

What’cha Complete This Week?

I was busy on Sunday…I completed 3 things…yep…3 – all for Nerd Wars

DSC01002 The SG1 patch that is worn on their uniform…First time I have crocheted using embroidery thread….it wasn’t that tough..even though I had to use a leetle, bitty hook….

blooper See here?  This is where it goes….but someone was asleep in costuming that day…did you spot the mistake?

DSC00997 This?  This is a Goa’uld symbiote.  They are pretty nasty and burrow into the back of the neck and take over a person’s body….they look like this


And the burrowing part is not fun…


Then I made a hat for Teal’c.  He’s got a gold tattoo on his forehead that he hides a lot….especially when on Earth…or tries to…

t4 Look Teal’c in a Stetson, before they were cool!

t2 So I made him a hat….

DSC01014 I know I make a lot of hats….look another one I completed tonight!


DSC01044 Adapted from this hat.  I’m wearing it at Stitches tomorrow.  I wanted to crochet something out of yarn she sells…as she has some knitted samples, but not many crocheted ones….So if you’re coming to Stitches…I’ll be sporting this hat…It’s very warm, made out of Mirasol Miski….

And if you want to see more head over to

and I also linked to Fiber Arts Friday


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rhinebeck 2011–Everything Else!

Rhinebeck Bingo!  After charging through the first couple of buildings and just focusing on the yarn…I decided I need to look for Rav people for Rhinebeck Bingo!

Stitchy McYarnpants organizes it every year and it’s a blast to play!  And I ran into my first square!

DSC00929 This is knitterotica.  I must say, she just looks like a blast to know!

Men in kilts, I saw a few…


DSC00930 A great granny square coat..

DSC00931 A bit of fall color!

DSC00937 Knitted manatees and this is the booth I bought my cool acorn earrings…


DSC00939 Lines at The Sanguine Gryphon,  which I decided not to wait in….

DSC00942 Goats

DSC00947 Llamas, my first Appaloosa Llama…I didn’t take any pics of the alpacas….

DSC00944 Vegetables for sale next to yarn…

Rav meetup

DSC00957 DSC00959

DSC00958 This is the group I sometimes join on Thursdays….they made very cool sparkly hats…Nutmeg Knitter and Wife”Mom” Knitter are part of this group. I got to meet Nutmeg’s little nutmeg…

Also at the meetup, I ran into the group I met at the hotel last year.  They actually came up and said hi and remembered me.  I’m always surprised when people remember me…So I saw Gingy and PeonyUnderhill, and Abby.

2 very cool things happened….one, I met Vanessa

DSC00960 She traveled from Australia…very cool!  We hung out for a bit and she got to meet Jess and Casey…yes I said hi too…

Two years ago I met Ann from Norway.  Love how Rav, has brought people from all over together….

I also won a hat!  StevenA was on my Bingo card and he said on his blog the first person to ask would receive a hat….So I saw him at the meetup and noone had asked yet, so yeah I won a hat! It’s cool, cuz it’s not a color I would pick, but will look good with jeans…


and then the Jack O’Lanterns

DSC00972 DSC00973


Now I am gearing up for Stitches East…they don’t “allow” pictures….but people take them…I’ll be working in booth 719…I’ll be there all day Friday, sporadically on Saturday and maybe Sunday…so if you are around, stop by and say “Howdy!”

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rhinebeck 2011 Shopping!

This year I only went on Saturday.  Some day I’d love to stay in a house with friends, but I really don’t know anyone else around me who’d be interested in going…but that just sounds like so much more fun!

This year was my favorite, so far!

I got in early and it was not very crowded..


DSC00914 This was waiting in line for the gates to open and I noticed this skirt on two different people…I later saw it on a few other people, including Gingy, whom I met last year.  I found out it is the Lanesplitter.  It’s a free pattern and I think I might have to try it…I was truly taken with it….

I wandered around for a bit, heading into the A, B, C, D buildings first….That’s where I met Catherine Friend.  I commenced the shopping…

DSC00917 Into The Whirled I bought one skein of 3 ply superwash called Trajectory.  I wonder if they are going to be at Stitches, because I wish I had bought the Vampires of Venice yarn.  I keep thinking about it…

DSC00919 Bitsy Knits Fiber Arts.  I bought the pink I was looking for and a sale yarn, Bitsy’s Sock in Love of Art.

Moving on to The Fold, where I got some Socks that Rock.  A Rare Gems and Plankton Ooze..


I hadn’t even gotten to the barns yet! I noted two more booths that I wanted to revisit…then headed to the barns…

DSC00935 At this booth, I bought some sock yarn…

DSC00934 Each skein is spun exactly the same, so the two socks will come out the same…

DSC00945 This was Maple Creek Farm, where I bought one of those end skeins on the left….my black with shots of color…

Then I headed back to the first buildings and bought some Fiber Optic


And some really cool black and orange yarn from Blue Ridge Yarns.  This is a picture of her red, white and blue yarn…very cool!


Then I headed to Miss Babs, where I got some Yummy and Windsor yarns…one called “Witch’s Brew.”


All in all, pretty refrained for me….12 skeins in all (counting the 2 sock as 1)