Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stitches 2011–1st Edition

An exhausting weekend!  I helped out Mary in her booth for The New England Yarn and Spindle, which is my local yarn store. 

DSC01047 It was a lot of fun and I met lots of people, but it was exhausting!

Some new vendors I discovered: Forbidden (she has nerd yarn!)

DSC01049 and had in her shop some great box bags by JessaLu…I got a Dr. Who bag!


We Got The Buttons where I bought 3 buttons, a hair clip and a Christmas pin


And Miss Purl, where I got a couple of tins and a couple of buttons


DSC01092 These 2 are mine (the one in the pic above is for someone else)

Also in the picture above are some hand painted safety eyes that I found at Debra’s Garden

Seabury Organizers had some great spiral organizers, but I was looking for something to keep my wooden hooks in and one of my hooks is longer than average, so I bought this bag..


Also in the picture are two of my new crochet hooks.  One is made of abalone and one is made of bone.  Not sure I’ll use them, but they were pretty! I got the hooks, along with those two Rowan skeins from Yarn Barn in Kansas.  I love this yarn and have been lusting after it.  I bought a couple skeins to try, but I’m going to have Mary order the pattern book and more yarn for me.

The green skein in the picture above is from String Theory, which is not new to me, but the yarn is too luscious to pass up! I think it’s going to become my Multnomah, which has been waiting for the perfect yarn!

The purpley skein is from Decadent Fibers and I had to get it because of this Savory Socks pattern.

That’s it for today…stay tuned for the res, because of course there is more….

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Where the nodding violets grow said...

Great photos. I have the Multnomah queued too. I look forward to seeing how that turns out in that beautiful yarn.