Friday, October 14, 2011

Rhinebeck Plans!

Well those of you that have read more for awhile know that I love to purchase yarn…I just purchase it…I rarely use it…but here is my plan for Rhinebeck…


1.  Black with shots of color, muted, not separate colors..kinda hard to describe

2. Pink yarn for a gift

3. Dirty Water Dye Works…I bought the Dipped Infinity Scarf kit and I want more of one of the colors…

4. Stop at RedMaple Sportswear for Bingo fun and to buy the Hubs socks…(he’s not getting kettle corn, he was by Webs today and teased me with a photo, but didn’t go in and buy anything!  Bad Hubs!)

5.  Try to catch as many Bingo squares as possible….

6. Buy gifts for my blogiversary in a few weeks!

7.  Yes my 4th blogiversary is coming up and it’ll be giveaway time!!!!

8.  Catch sight of the Yarn Harlot…I doubt I’ll wait in line, but I’d like to catch sight of this knitting dynamo….

9.  Get Catherine Friend’s new book….I’m kinda hoping she has Hit By A  Farm too, as I want to read that!

10.  Maybe catch a glimpse of baby Ravelry, as I am sure she will be surrounded!

11.  Take lots of pictures and have tons of fun!

Maybe I’ll see you there…if you are stalking for Bingo purposes…I think I will be wearing a red vest, hair in braid, jeans, not sure about a hat, thin granny square scarf…

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Where the nodding violets grow said...

It sounds brilliant. I wish I could be there.

I hope you have a fantastic time.