Sunday, June 21, 2020

Year of Projects, Year Seven - Week 23

Oh goodness, it's been two weeks! The first week, I really didn't have much to write about.  The second week, well, I just didn't feel like it.  There were some things going on in my personal life in addition to all the turmoil and ugliness happening in our country.  I fell into a depression for awhile.  But I did craft!

I finished 4, Yes 4 sock WIPs!!!!!  And I am almost done with my Beekeeper Cardigan, only needing to complete the sleeves...

Remember this mess?
Well I finished both socks! I actually wore them on Friday.  The first sock, I finished it and then had to rip out the toe again...I hadn't decreased enough and it was a very large weird square toe. But I'm so happy with them now!  I will definitely wear them now! I finished them in 2013 and never wore them.
The pattern in Sour Apple Socks by Cherry Tree Hill Yarn (Sharon Mooney)
The yarn is Lorna's Laces Solemate in Camouflage
I used size 2 DPNs
I originally started them in July of 2012 and finished them in April 2013, but because they were so big and mismatched, I never wore them.

I finished my Desert Vista Dyeworks Zombody is Eating Candy Corn. 
The pattern is Vanilla Latte
The heels are Fish Lips Kiss heel and in the Green Decomp colorway, also from DVD.
I used 9 inch ChiaGoo metal in US 1 or 2.25 circulars, two at a time.
There is a weird bump in the heels, but they'll be fine when I wear them.

Yarn: Paton's Blue Ragg sock
Pattern: Vanilla pattern, which is 56 stitches for me. To give it some texture, when changing colors, I would slip the 8th stitch. 
The yarn is listed as fingering, but it's a heavy fingering.  They are thick socks, so will be good boot socks.
Slipped stitch heel
Needles were 9 inch Hiya Hiya bamboo circs in US size 0
I started these in January of 2020, after seeing Angela of YarnnYarns start a pair.

Pattern: Vanilla Latte
Yarn: Manic Pixie Dream Zooey in Cloudy with a Chance of Rainbows.  Unfortunately, she is no longer dying.  I believe this is my last skein of her yarn.  I really love her yarn!
Needles: US 1.5, 2.5 mm, I think they were ChiaGoo
Slipped Stitch heel
Started in May of 2018

And I have finished the body of my Beekeeper Cardigan!  On to sleeve island....
I'm very excited to get it done, as I have several more garments waiting in the wings.

I still have around 10 sock WIPs.  I started a new one on Knit in Public Day.  So I'm trying to get them under control!

School is done as of Friday the 12th, although starting in July, I'm going to meet with my kids once a week and read to them.  We are also meeting on the 24th to celebrate a birthday.  We still have no idea what is happening in the fall.  I still don't go out much.  I have had a couple of social get-togethers, as one of our teachers has retired. 

I also went to a Black Student Forum. I did not state it earlier, but Black Lives Matter.

All of these gatherings were outside and masks were worn for the most part.  I wear glasses and have allergies, so often I need to move the mask away from my nose, as I'm congested and can't breathe or my glasses have fogged up.

That's about it for me right now.  I never posted my last video and haven't felt like doing a new one yet.  I have some things coming in the mail, so I may be filming this week to do some "unboxing."

Take care and I'll see you next week.