Sunday, October 30, 2016

Year of Projects: Week 44

Well I haven't posted one of these since week!  So I need to update my list! Since my last update, I have 6 finished projects...the big one was my Stopover sweater, which I love!  I am already planning my next sweater! It was like I had a week in October where it was FINISH ALL THE WIPs...I didn't, of course, let's not go crazy...but I finished a is a link to the post, if you want a gander.

And, of course, I've added a few....two pair of socks, my Autumn Zombies and a pair I started in Vermont with some green Zauberball.....and then I started a simple's my "on-the-go" knitting, which I actually don't take often....I can't knit at work...there is too many other things to do during plan time and it goes fast....and I only have 30 minutes for lunch...and well I eat....I always drive, so no passenger knitting for me....

Yesterday, I decided to tackle this...
I did some organizing....I updated my Stash on Ravelry (I have a few more to do this morning), and organized the bins...I also decided to update my Queue on Ravelry with the projects I have yarn ready for.....I also added some single patterns to my library.....It's still messy, because, honestly, I'm out of room....but it is more organized...but no after picture yet, as it is not finished...I'll finish it up today..and then correct papers (I hate that part of teaching!)

Completed Projects:
The Dork Socks (technically 2015) 12/31/15
Screw You Rainbows socks (1/6/16)
Quick Pink cowl (1/7/16)
Yoda (1/10/16)
Bulky Cowl (1/19/16)
Jacinta Capelet (2/28/16)   
Turtleneck Capelet #2 (3/31/16)     Fortune's Shawlette (7/12/16)   Irish Oak (6/19//16)    2 baby hats (7/27/16) Baby Rattle (8/4/16)   Edgy Carol (8/7/16)
Plastic Bag Holder (8/14/16)
Quick Cowl (10/2/16)
Stopover (10/10/16)
Raspberry Beret (10/14/16)
Glenn Lives (10/16/16)
Quick Pumpkin Hat (10/22/16)
Reyna (10/23/16)

Works In Progress:        WIPS: Crochet:
Round Ripple: (Started 2006 (?) Aiden)
Around the World Afghan: (April 2010): about ¼ done
Sunrise Sunset Afghan: this has been hibernating awhile, 6 squares done.
Tis the Season (11/10/13)
Tabard Tunic (NW Diss 2/1/14)

Learn to Knit Afghan: (started 2010): 3 squares done
Shark in the Woods (11/27/14)
Vanilla fingerless mitts (12/25/15)   Zombie Vixen mitts (10/17/15)
Garter Path Shawlette (5/30/16)
Swinging with Winkle (6/4/16)    
Meandering Top (5/20/16)
Multnomah (8/21/16)

Warm Neck (8/2/16)
Kai-Mei: (April 2012)
Johnny's Socks (Jan 2013)  
Carlos and Arne socks (July 3 2015)
Espalier Socks (Jan 10, 2016)
Live Long and Prosper (4/14/16)
Spring is in the Air (2/16/16)
Autumn Zombie 

Vermont Zaubers

Splashy Flowers: (May 2011)
Larry Stashbuster Scarf (2012)
Light in Shadows (1/14/14)  

Willow Fields (9/6/14) - ran out of yarn
My Shelly Valentine (2/10/16)

Beach Bag: (started May 2010)  Just needs lining sewn in 

Fire and Blood (5/4/14)  
Outlander MKAL (8/8/14)  
Downton Abbey (1/4/15)
Sunflower: (August 2012) Need a back and to felt 
Projects In Mind: Gifts/Charity: 
Hats for friend's babies (ongoing)
Hats for students (ongoing)
Kimberly Skye's tunic
Two Elsa doll/blanket things

Test Pattern Sweater (in magazine)
Car Coat (in magazine)
Cowl Vest
West End Scarf  
Gathering Leaves
Petal Edge Scarf
Filippi Scarf 
Firefly Scarf 
Danube Cowl
Simple City
Fire and Ice
Holden Shawlette
Trellis Shawl
Bedford Springs Shawl
Brush Creek Cowlette  
The Brownstitch gradient
Bigger on the Inside
Out of Gas  
Sweet Potato Twist  
Falling Bobbins 
Danielle Shawl  
The Doodler
Hats and Mitts
Lace Kelly (soakbox)
Isabeau Mitts 
Hermione Hearts Ron
Nehalm Hat
Cabled Headband
Cayunga Hat and Mitts set
Ruffled hat and mitts
Evergreen Gloves
Sheepy Cuffs
Twisted Rib Mitts and Hat   
Transitional Color Mitts
Almond Comfit
Lady Violet's Dinner Gauntlets  
Autumn in Garrison
Baa-ble Hat

Memento Mori
Siren Socks
Savory Lace Socks
Autumn Flame
Rescue Me, Chin Boy and Show Me the Stars
Twin peaks
Wizard of Oz socks
Black Widow's Socks
August Pocus 
Knit From Stash patterns
Dr. Who socks  

Sarape Shopper

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Stash Acquisition Saturday

Well.....I received an email that an order had been delivered...yeah!!!!!

Desert Vista Dyeworks - Zombody's Eating Candy Corn

And Zombody's Driving the School Bus

I also received two new bags from OtterlyAdorableKnits
Pumpkin Sheep!!!!  And a Spiderwebs bag that glows in the dark!!!!  I love Otterly Adorable and have ordered custom bags from her......

So someone asked me about where I store it all....well...I'm going to be transparent here....
It's a bit of a mess right now, as I haven't been keeping up with it...when I get new is what I do...

1.  Take a photo (this may take a day or two and sometimes longer)
2.  Upload yarn to Ravelry...yep, I have almost my entire stash uploaded...this is a process....and right now I've been trying to delete all of my "big box" yarn....
As you can see, there is a yarn without a picture, so then I'll go back and look to see if I have a picture, if not, I'll pull the yarn and take a picture (I have hundreds of pictures of yarn on many different SD cards)
3.  Then I put the yarn into plastic bags....sometimes several together (club yarns, theme yarns, or if I've decided on a project, I'll put those yarns together)
4.  Then I find a spot in one of the tubs or baskets.....I have some tubs for specific yarns (MadColor) and the small green basket has yarns already wound.....

To be honest, right now, I am running out of room.....but I have a few more orders coming in and New England Fiber Festival next weekend...then it's crafting all winter long....the first spring festival is CT Sheep and Wool in April, unless I go to Vogue Knitting Live in January...I don't go every year...

That is my process and I can spend hours doing it...but it's also a kind of zen thing for me....I enjoy playing with my yarn and seeing what's new....

this is on my bed right now.....
Some of the yarns that need to be posted to Ravelry and bagged up...after I have lunch...I'm hungry!

Gonna throw the link, just in case anyone else wants to play...

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Stitch Along: Week 42

Hello there my lovelies!  Back to posting Tuesday night...which I almost forgot until the Hubs reminded me...oy vey!

Anyway...what are you working on?  I finished two more projects this my Reyna shawl and the other, one of those time sensitive projects....I've not really worked on anything since finishing the shawl...I do have to start my next Autumn Zombie sock.....this is my "in-progress" first sock, which I also finished this past week...
So. I have been busy finishing things up....and not casting on new ones...although we are going on a field trip tomorrow...and a quick cowl with this might be in store
We'll see.......

Please link up.....let me know what you are up to.....

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Massive Stash Acquisition Update's not been good here....lots of yarnz coming in and not much going out...well I did get rid of a BIG bag of acrylic and will be donating another bag...but still have about ten bags of big box store yarn....

It's fall here in New England, which doesn't just mean pumpkins, colored leaves and colder temperatures, it also means fiber festivals and yarn crawls.....

This was from a Connecticut Yarn Crawl....I visited 4 of the 7 shops.....

Uhm...the Coventry Farmer's Market and Fiber Twist

Vermont Sheep and Wool, it was a chartreuse kind of day

 And I visited two yarn stores in Vermont....Handknits in Brattleboro (notice the chartreuse was still going strong!)
and Whippletree Yarn Shop in Woodstock, VT...I only got one skein there, but it's Shalimar...
I won some yarn, along with a very nice canvas bag and some earrings in an Instagram giveaway.

I also won two of the door prizes from the yarn crawl...this yarn
And a hat kit..
I've received some of my yarn clubs....
 Some yarn I ordered, arrived....
A Gilmore Girls kit...
And, oh yeah...a friend gifted me some yarn from Loop in London...from her trip...
And well Rhinebeck happened....

I may have missed a skein or two...things should settle down...I have the Fiber Festival of New England coming up the first weekend of November and then nothing until Vogue Live in January...if I decide to go.....

Friday, October 21, 2016

Wrap-Up Friday, It's Been Awhile

Wow..not since September.....sorry if anyone has wanted to link up.....

I have been busy, finishing up several things....

I finished a quick cowl, my own design from a mystery yarn I was gifted....
My Raspberry Beret, although not blocked (Rustling Leaves from Alana Dakos)
My Glenn Lives socks, in time for the season premiere Stopover! In time for Rhinebeck! Sorry pictures are not the best...
A couple of Stopovers at Rhinebeck....

I still have not taken a picture of Edgy Carol, although it is done and blocked....and I made a quick pair of crocheted boot cuffs, but forgot to get a week....

How about you?  Any finishes or wrap-ups?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Vermont LYS

Since we were going to be in Vermont, I did look up local yarn shops.....don't we all?  We were actually staying over til Monday in Brattleboro, as I ended up going to a workshop....luckily the shop I found was open on Sundays....

We went to was a great shop...I didn't take pictures, as the owner was not feeling well and the shop was a bit messy.....not disorganized or dirty, but there were bags of restock all around....

But the Hubs took this one of me..."hunting"

What I loved?  She had a bunch of local dyers yarn....
Yes, it's a crazy Zauberball...but yet again...chartreuse!

So on Saturday afternoon, we were walking around downtown Woodstock and someone walked by me with yarn in a bag....and I immediately was on the HUNT!!!!!!

I stumbled across The Whippletree Yarn Shop.

It is billed as the oldest yarn shop in Vermont....I only picked up one skein, because I had just been to the Sheep and Wool show earlier....but I also got a flannel hoodie (A FLANNEL HOODIE...I will live in this!!!!) at The Vermont Flannel Company....note the colors!  Chartreuse again!
The earrings from the Farmer's Market are also in the picture.....those of you , who may be Supernatural fans....
There was a MOOSE in the Flannel store...hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Stitch Along: Week 41

Good morning!  Yes, I am doing this on Wednesday morning....I took a personal day today, so I am home, at the moment....

I am on my fourth round of because of my compromised immune system...and the fact that I was already susceptible to sinus/ear infections and I work with "germ factories" as he put it...I will probably be sick more than usual this year...and probably going forward....

I was busy this week though, I finished 4 projects!!!!!!  I am still working on a bunch and won't let myself cast on anything new yet....

My Zombie Autumn's are first priority!  On the foot of sock one....

My Simple Cowl is coming along nicely....

Pair of socks, I cast on during my Vermont weekend....

All the projects from the side of my bed!  And I found one under the bed...and there are more on the shelves next to my bed...why I won't let myself cast on something new...I think I need to finish, at least 2 more projects first....but I do have two things that are time sensitive, so I may just start those two....

So how was your week?  How are things going in your neck of the woods?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Stitch Along: Week 40

I am so very sorry about last week, it just slipped my mind....I remembered on my way home from work on Wednesday, by then, it was almost 5:00 my time and just seemed like it was too late....

So, we have two weeks worth?

This week, I mainly worked on my Stopover, finishing after midnight on Saturday!  It is currently blocking, in hopes to wear it to Rhinebeck on Saturday......

Then I worked on socks....(dark pictures to follow)
My Glenn Lives socks are almost done!  I'm hoping to get them done for the season premiere...October 23...since I pretty much know who is getting Lucille'd, I figure I need to get these done...also maybe need to make my hat from my "If They Kill Abraham" skein....

My Zombie Autumn socks.....I'm loving these, but need to finish Glenn up first....

You can't really see this at's a gradient cowl...just an easy knit around.....

So what about you?  What have you worked on these past couple of always, please link back..