Sunday, September 27, 2009

Still trying...

Hmmm - let's try it again

Still trying

I hope this is shortened...anyway I added the blog to my sidebar, it is Vallieskids.

It's been a hat week for me....

The first hat I made technically last weekend. My brother's family went to Colorado, while there my SIL and niece visited a shop and spotted yarn. My SIL told my niece to pick me out a ball. So they brought me home a ball of Berrocco Geode. SIL told niece to pick me out something I would like and she done good! These are so my colors. I love how it striped! It was not enough to finish the hat, so I supplanted the band with 2 skeins of Drops Alpaca. The crown of the hat is a FPDC pattern and the band a simple HDC. I absolutely adore this hat and can't wait to wear it. I am making a ruffle scarf with the rest of the Drops to go with it and my olive colored coat.

The other two hats are gifts. The candy corn one is for a friend's baby girl and is I Love This Yarn in Candy Corn Ombre. It's just a simple hat pattern that I started during recess on Friday.

The other is a gift for another friend's daughter's birthday. I am making a scarf to go with it. It is a pattern from called Meagan Wants You. I love this hat and am making a grownup version for myself. The yarn is Red heart Aztec in Heather and was in my stash.

I really need to figure out how to do tiny urls....Maybe I did it?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I meant to thank my friend Deb M. She bought me the yarn and handles for this bag two years ago for my birthday. The yarn is Lang Tosca. She bought it in a shop on Cape Cod. I love that she thought of me while she was on vacation. Tomorrow I want to get a picture of the hat I made tonight. My niece, Allison, bought me a skein of yarn in Breckinridge, CO when they were visiting last week. It wasn't quite enough to finish a project, so I supplemented it with some Drops Alpaca. It's very cute and very autumny...

Danae's Grandbabies

My friend, Danae, has five children. Two of her daughters are married and have babies of their own. Ashley has Jack, who is a little over 2 and Cindy, who is 2 months. Jessica has Ethan. I have made sweaters for each of them. The variagated hooded was one for Jack (there was another one I made, too). I made the blue one with fish buttons for Ethan. The blue and purple one is a BICO (Baby It's Cold Outside) pattern. However after I finished it, I realized I used the wrong size hook and it may be too small for baby Cindy. If it is I will make another. I have two more baby sweaters to make for my friend Jen's baby boy Kai and my friend Deb's baby boy Cameron (who's sister Makayla I make a few sweaters for too) I really like making baby sweaters.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Winding Trails

Before school started this year, Deidre invited me out to Winding Trails in Farmington. I had never been and it was a really nice day. Caitlin was having a party with her friends before they all went their separate ways for college. I hung out with Deidre and watched Aiden swim. I kept trying to get a pic of Aiden. Everytime he swam, his butt would go up. Finally I got the shot. Also got a pic of Ethan swimming with Aiden. It was a great day, except when Deidre attracted all of the yellow jackets with her soda!

Sit and Knit

I recently decided to take a trip Sit and Knit Too in Wethersfield. I had been meaning to visit it for awhile. So before school started, I took a trip out there. Well I went the day before they closed. It was a cute spot and I wish I had gone before to see it. I also stopped and visited with my friend Leona and her daughter Lindsey. Since I was bummed about it closing, I decided to visit the parent store, Sit and Knit in Bloomfield. I have gone there twice before. It's about a 40 minute ride for me. I visited the store more often when it was in West Hartford center. Anyway I had a great visit and talked to Jody and Barbara, the owner. Jody had recommended a fantastic blog "Attic24" that I visit all the time now. I like to snap pics of LYS's that I visit. Barbara asked me to get a shot of the "sock" she had made the chandler. It's there in the middle of the picture. Out of all the LYS's I have visited this is the most friendly and I do enjoy visiting. I, of course, bought some yarn, too.....

There are a few new LYS's that have opened near me and I do frequent them as well. There is enough yarn to go around, but I do really feel as if I need to buy it all ;) New England Yarn and Spindle is literally up the street from me. Mary owns it with her partner Andrea. I know Mary because she runs the local Knit Wit group at the library that I joined last year. It's a cute shop, but it is small. She has great get-togethers though and I've gone a few times. I did buy some yarn last time, as I saw a fantastic bag I'm gonna try to crochet, although it is a knit pattern...I've stopped at the new Bayberry Knitting in Plainville, too. They were really friendly and I'm sure I'll go back. I bought some yarn to make Allison a scarf and hat. She picked it out as she was with me.

Some purses.....

I am addicted to bags, almost as much as I thought I'd showcase some bags I have made....The black and purple one was my "Bling" Bag I made for the CGOA conference. It was my first time felting. The shell purse was made for Keira. The multi-colored purse was made because I wanted to try a new yarn and the pattern was on the label. The green one is a "non" Fat Bottom Bag (FBB) from The Happy Hooker books. I followed the pattern, but had a brain fart and did not follow the stitch pattern. I lined the multi-colored and the FBB, spent a whole Saturday hand sewing those!