Monday, September 7, 2009

Sit and Knit

I recently decided to take a trip Sit and Knit Too in Wethersfield. I had been meaning to visit it for awhile. So before school started, I took a trip out there. Well I went the day before they closed. It was a cute spot and I wish I had gone before to see it. I also stopped and visited with my friend Leona and her daughter Lindsey. Since I was bummed about it closing, I decided to visit the parent store, Sit and Knit in Bloomfield. I have gone there twice before. It's about a 40 minute ride for me. I visited the store more often when it was in West Hartford center. Anyway I had a great visit and talked to Jody and Barbara, the owner. Jody had recommended a fantastic blog "Attic24" that I visit all the time now. I like to snap pics of LYS's that I visit. Barbara asked me to get a shot of the "sock" she had made the chandler. It's there in the middle of the picture. Out of all the LYS's I have visited this is the most friendly and I do enjoy visiting. I, of course, bought some yarn, too.....

There are a few new LYS's that have opened near me and I do frequent them as well. There is enough yarn to go around, but I do really feel as if I need to buy it all ;) New England Yarn and Spindle is literally up the street from me. Mary owns it with her partner Andrea. I know Mary because she runs the local Knit Wit group at the library that I joined last year. It's a cute shop, but it is small. She has great get-togethers though and I've gone a few times. I did buy some yarn last time, as I saw a fantastic bag I'm gonna try to crochet, although it is a knit pattern...I've stopped at the new Bayberry Knitting in Plainville, too. They were really friendly and I'm sure I'll go back. I bought some yarn to make Allison a scarf and hat. She picked it out as she was with me.

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