Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's been a hat week for me....

The first hat I made technically last weekend. My brother's family went to Colorado, while there my SIL and niece visited a shop and spotted yarn. My SIL told my niece to pick me out a ball. So they brought me home a ball of Berrocco Geode. SIL told niece to pick me out something I would like and she done good! These are so my colors. I love how it striped! It was not enough to finish the hat, so I supplanted the band with 2 skeins of Drops Alpaca. The crown of the hat is a FPDC pattern and the band a simple HDC. I absolutely adore this hat and can't wait to wear it. I am making a ruffle scarf with the rest of the Drops to go with it and my olive colored coat.

The other two hats are gifts. The candy corn one is for a friend's baby girl and is I Love This Yarn in Candy Corn Ombre. It's just a simple hat pattern that I started during recess on Friday.

The other is a gift for another friend's daughter's birthday. I am making a scarf to go with it. It is a pattern from called Meagan Wants You. I love this hat and am making a grownup version for myself. The yarn is Red heart Aztec in Heather and was in my stash.

I really need to figure out how to do tiny urls....Maybe I did it?

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Sherri said...

Hats off to you! They're all terrific.