Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yarn Along and WIP Wednesday


This past week was all about visiting “old friends.”  I picked two books back up that I had taken a break from reading…A Dance with Dragons and American Gods…I’m still not sure how I feel about American Gods…so many people love it, but I have not so far…but I just got to the part where he meets the gods, so maybe…

A Breath of Fresh Air scarf was taken out of hibernation..and a few rows added

My Kai-Mei…I am ready to turn the heel…

It has been hot and humid here, so no desire to work with yarn…but it’s going to cool down for the rest of the week…as always…




Monday, May 28, 2012

Massachusetts Sheep and Wool

This Saturday, the Hubs and I headed up to the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival in in Cummington.  Then we spent some time in of our favorite towns to visit…Out all the times, the Hubs has gone yarn shopping with me, this was his first festival.





DSC02766 We picked up some soap

DSC02772 Bought some yarn from KnittinK

DSC02771 Bought another bag from Jesslu

DSC02769 Very cool decorative felted birdhouses






DSC02774 Men in kilts, I saw two

and the sheep




DSC02746 My fav…Jacob’s

And the booty?


Thursday, May 24, 2012

11 Days

So it’s been 11 days since my last post….I’ve been around…I’ve done things….just well haven’t posted….

It’s also end of the school year…lots of correcting, grading and report card making going on….

We went to the annual baseball game yesterday…the town I teach in has a minor league team and they treat the 3-8 graders to a game every year…it’s massively chaotic, but fun! And I got sunburned…

So I gave my friend the Seraphina for her birthday…I think she likes it…



Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stash Sunday

DSC02607 (2)
New Nerd Girls Random Fandom..”What, Do You Think Poisoned Apples Grow on Trees?” from Enchanted….I wasn’t in love with it when I opened it, but I’ve realized it looks like the Black Watch plaid colors and would make excellent socks….so socks it is!

I was very restrained at The Connecticut Sheep and Wool, as I really do have a lot of yarn….so what did I purchase?


Blackbird by Ball and Skein on Weatherfield which is 100% Merino.  I realize now I also have this color on Elise which is a silk/merino mix.


Some Dirty Water Dyeworks Potluck.  She usually has a crate out with 1-offs and I picked this one up…It’s Merino and bamboo.


Pure alpaca from a favorite farm, Hunter Hill Alpacas.  Their farm is in my town and I’ve visited a couple of times…This pretty green and purple was made with fiber from Fiber Optic and Goldy…


Also from Dirty Water Dyeworks….This is 100% BFL and I’m going to pair it


Miss Babs’ Yummy 2 ply in Ice Core Sample for the Wholehearted Shawl.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted a big contrast or not…but as I bought the Three Irish Girls West End Scarf with the contrasting yarn at Vogue Live, I decided to go with more complimentary colors….
One of those will be my dissertation next round….since I never got very far on my Stephen West Creekbed, we’ll see how this goes!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Another Friday

So, uhm….I let a week go by since last posting….sheesh, not sure why, just didn’t seem to have anything postworthy…

The Hubs said he stopped by the blog today and then told me I should make the skull earrings to sell…..hmmmmm….

So what have I worked on this week? Critters for the Critter War…

DSC02626 Just finished tonight…not bad for no pattern and winging it…these guys so totally crack me up!

DSC02608 Flying Fish…

DSC02613 Bulldog, not the best, really had to fudge with this, as she kept falling on her face, finally made bigger legs, but the eyes are weird….she was inspired by


a bitty bunny


And a head with wings


What have you made this week?  Head on over to



Creative Friday

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Finishes

Well it’s been a busy week for me, so I haven’t worked on too much this week.  I did speak to the governor, a state senator and a state representative this week….I also found out I will be given an award for Above and Beyond this school year….that’s kinda cool…

So what did I make:

I finished a Seraphina for a friend’s birthday


I made another owl, and now have three, the beginning of my army for the Cute Critter War….the multi-colored one is Colonel Froot Loop…haven’t named the others yet…


And I’ve made some earrings, the Stargate ones only needed wires…they are going out as prizes to my fellow Gaters who melted the cube during the tournament…


I bought these skulls to make earring for a friend…and a pair for celebration of el dia de los muertos (I know it’s not for many months, but in anticipation) I think they are suitably creepy…they kinda remind me of those guys in the Buffy episode of Hush


My niece picked out the fish beads, these are for her



A set for me, a set for the upcoming birthday friend…


And for me…




Sorry so dark, was dusk by the time I finished, had to take the pics inside and the flash doesn’t always work…bounces off of them…

So that was my work output for the week……for more great stuff, head to..



Creative Friday