Monday, May 28, 2012

Massachusetts Sheep and Wool

This Saturday, the Hubs and I headed up to the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival in in Cummington.  Then we spent some time in of our favorite towns to visit…Out all the times, the Hubs has gone yarn shopping with me, this was his first festival.





DSC02766 We picked up some soap

DSC02772 Bought some yarn from KnittinK

DSC02771 Bought another bag from Jesslu

DSC02769 Very cool decorative felted birdhouses






DSC02774 Men in kilts, I saw two

and the sheep




DSC02746 My fav…Jacob’s

And the booty?



WonderWhyGal said...

oooh, I am so ready for festival season to start. Thanks for all of the great photos.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

I was surprised, there were no alpacas....

Beadwright said...

Wowoow so much fun. I had to stop taking my hubs to the wool events and the wool shops we have her. He buys everything he sees. OMG!!!
This looks like a great event.

tmt38 said...

I recently attended my first sheep and wool festival in Maryland. I thought the sheep in coats were pretty funny looking! And I, too, saw men in kilts (one or two) while at the festival.

Janet said...

Oh I would love to go to a sheep and wool festival someday! I love your booty too... that bag is awesome. And your seraphina shawl? It would make me want to learn crochet.. it is GORGEOUS.

:-) J

Julia said...

That looks pretty great.

Evelyn said...

I wish we both got a chance to meet at the fair! Wasn't it just glorious? And I spent some time talking to Knittink, too, and watched her spin up some lovely thick and thin.

Karen Sue said...

I am smiling at your pile of goodies! I went with 2 friends to a small fiberfest in Waynesburg PA a few weekends ago. We went to one in Ohio last year. I'm definitely hooked! We are looking at another (Hemlock Lake) this fall, but don't know how it fits in with our kids' football schedules and our ladies Scrap & Sew weekend. We are near erie pa and try not to get too far away yet. Where else do you go??