Friday, April 30, 2010

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week - Day 5

Location, Location, Location

Where do you like to indulge in your craft? Is your favourite arm chair your little knitting cubby area, or do you prefer to ‘knit in public’? Do you liek to crochet in the great outdoors, perhaps, or knit in the bath, or at the pub?

My favoritest spot to crochet is my bed. I have a big bed lounge pillow thing that I sit against. I can watch tv and spread out my yarn and projects all over the bed...My bedroom is the warmest room in the winter and the coolest in the summer (only room with a/c) So it tends to be the most comfortable room temperature-wise, too. I put up a tv tray next to the bed, where I put a glass of Pepsi. Sometimes on the weekends, I'll pop in one of my many dvd's, will it be scifi: Dr. Who, Stargate, Buffy, Farscape (just got all the seasons, yeah!) or a period piece: Pride and Prejudice, Cranston, Persuasion or something more modern: Gilmore Girls.....

I have no problem crocheting in public. Of course, you get the people who always ask, "What are you knitting?" Grrr....but I've crocheted at lunch in school, at recess, at a restaurant, in my car, at a park, etc ....

I will not be posting a picture of my favorite spot, as my room is a total disaster at the moment...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Knit and Crochet Blogging - Day 4

A New Skill

Is there a skill related to your hobby that you hope to learn one day? maybe you’re a crocheter who’d also like to knit? Maybe you’d like to learn to knit continental, knit backwards, try cables or attempt stranded colourwork.

I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon reading others blogs, although I did not comment on any. Mainly because I only recognized a couple of knit designer's names. But I enjoyed reading about people's favorite designers or designs.

A New skill? There are many, obviously I've mentioned my desire to knit socks, which means I need to learn to knit....

But within my skill base of crochet, it would be Tunisian crochet:

From CrochetCabana:

"Tunisian Crochet
update ©2005 Sandra Petit,

This stitch goes by many names. It can be called Tunisian Crochet, Afghan Stitch, Tricot Crochet, Shepherd's Knitting, Hook Knitting, Railroad Knitting {Working Class girls in England waiting for the train to take them to the mills did Tunisian. I'm sure there are more that I haven't found. :-)"

Mainly because it just looks really neat and closer to knit than most other stitches.

I would also love to try Broomstick Lace, but I need a special tool and haven't found it around here. (I know I could get it online, but just haven't looked) It is just so beautiful, the pieces I've seen. But it also looks very fiddley and not sure I could handle that!

So those would be the two skills I would most like to learn in crochet......

Short and sweet today!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week - Day 3

One Great Knitter

Write about a knitter whose work (whether because of project choice, photography, styling, scale of projects, stash, etc) you enjoy. If they have an enjoyable blog, you might find it a good opportunity to send a smile their way.

As I crochet, this would be one great crocheter. I have thought about this one alot, but the natural choice jumped to my mind when I first read would be Kathy Merrick.

I have met several famous crochet stars: Doris Chan, Lily Chin, Drew Emborsky, Rita Weiss, Margaret Hubert, Mary Beth Temple and Dee Stanziano. I've mostly met them through attending CGOA's (Crochet Guild of America) annual convention for two years. I enjoy their work and I have enjoying meeting them, but Kathy has really stood out for me.

I met Kathy through a workshop she gave at Creative Fibers last year. I have been trying to visit all the LYS' in Connecticut for a couple of years. When I stopped at Creative Fibers, I read about the workshop and thought I would go. It was right before the weekend that Stitches East was in Hartford.

Kathy was a fantastic presenter! I had bought her book and many of us "oohed and aahed" over it (even the knitters). I came to realize that many projects that I had bookmarked in magazines were Kathy Merrick projects. Several of my friends had made her "Babette Blanket" the year before, I admired it, but I don't make too many blankets.

In the early days, I really didn't pay attention to the author of a pattern, but that has now changed.

Kathy was very personable and I really enjoyed the workshop. But what really struck me was that she advised to play with color and to play with color outside of your comfort zone. Now there is not a color I dislike, although I am not attracted to blues or pastels, but I have a wide color range. However I do tend to drift into the purples/greens and autumn shades. So I have been trying to follow Kathy's advice to play with color.

She also introduced me to Koigu yarn. I now have a little bit of a stash of this, I just love the colors! Here is a pic of Kathy's book "Crochet in Color" and also "Crocheted Gifts" She has a few projects in that one, surrounded by some of the yarn I have bought to make a couple of her patterns. I don't think she has a blog or a website, but I have connected to her on Ravelry and I believe she is also on Facebook.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Knit and Crochet Blogging - Day 2

What pattern do I aspire to conquer? It's not so much a pattern, but the whole idea of it.

I am not a knitter, I am a proud crocheter and I planned on staying that way. I make so many things in crochet, not so much afghans, as I'm more of an instant gratification girl.

I didn't think I would ever learn to knit and had no desire to learn...

Then I joined Ravelry and I discovered knitted socks....

oh the joy, the beauty, the yarn...the yarn has really hooked me. I have bought skein after skein of sock yarn.

Now I know that I can make plenty of other items out of my sock yarn, but I discovered I really want to make...socks, and not crocheted socks (a little too bulky), but some of those utterly gorgeous patterns of knitted socks. I hanker for them.

So I bit the bullet and asked for a knitting class for Christmas. The Hubs came through and I attended the first part of the class (well in a way) Never made it to the second part, the part with the purling and the binding off bit.

But that's okay.... I have been practicing my knitting, well when I have forced myself to, as I have not developed an appreciation for those pointy sticks yet...

Hopefully, in time, I can make a pair of loverly socks, or maybe just one, as I have seen others do...But that is what "pattern" I aspire to conquer...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week - Day 1

What does this picture have to do with crochet? This is a picture of my friend, Deidre, (on the left) and I (in the hat) in San Diego a couple of years ago. Deidre is the reason I resumed crocheting.
I worked with Deidre and she became pregnant with Aiden. This is Aiden now:
I wanted to make her something for the baby, so I bought some hooks, some yarn and a how-to book and resumed crocheting...
My grandmother had taught me to crochet when I was in second grade. My Mom disputes this, she says she taught me. But I remember sitting with my Grandmother on Maynard Street and learning how to crochet a granny square. I made her a giant granny square afghan in red, white and blue. Then I didn't crochet again until Deidre and Aiden...So thank you Deidre and Aiden....
I have started to pass this skill on...I have taught classes on crochet in my elementary school. Some students pick it up and fly....others, well....but it is alot of fun and I'll continue to teach it, as long as I have students who want to learn....

I forgot to add that you can Google: Knitcroblog1 to read other bloggers who have joined this wonderful adventure....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Present done...

There have been and continue to be babies born around me. Although the Hubs and I were not fortunate enough to have our own, I am so happy for those around me. (And I am also really enjoying, at the moment, not having kids, lots of freedom and some disposable income = trips and yarn!)

So I have been busy making some gifties...I shared a peek of one a couple days ago and here is another peek...

What is funny about those labels is I have no memory of ordering them...I had thought about it. I received them in the mail during a ROAK activity, but noone every claimed sending them. I also don't think I would have ordered that pattern, but they are nice to have...This is the second time I have used one...It is a mystery.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Connecticut Sheep and Wool 2010

Some more pictures from the show: Alpacas: Khoas and Stanley and llama: Zues

This is Dennie, she sat with me and showed me some more knitting and how to purl, as I'm still fighting those pointy sticks.

Of course, the HHCC was there,
It's always nice to see Dee and Grace and the others....

There were sheep dog trials, some sheepy-looking goats, oxen rides and of course, sheep. Affectionately known as "Wool on the Hoof" Always a good time!

Connecticut Sheep and Wool 2010

Except for the traffic heading into Hartford, caused by a tractor trailer accident, the day was beautiful!!

Although it is not a big festival, there are many vendors. I really enjoy walking around and checking out the local and independent sellers.

Here are some of the goodies I bought this year. Some scrumptious yarn (that word always reminds me of Willie Wonka), a needlefelting kit (although I have severl still undone!), a box bag (I've been pricing these online and it came with a notions bag, and some soap for the hubs, the soap aficiando. I also bought him some sheep milk yogurt....

Friday, April 23, 2010

Yarn Barf

Yesterday I had this:

Today I have this:


I spent the day cleaning up a bit...not everything...neither the hubs or I are great housekeepers, but since I was diagnosed with allergy to dust mites, should keep the house dust free. At the moment, it is not, but working on it...

Today I went up to the storage bin...I have 25 totes up there filled with yarn. Hubs had just stuck them all around...I tried to organize...wool with wool, kids prints with kids/babies, etc...

Now I have 15 or so more totes sitting behind me, plus my lovely basket o'yarn. I also have another 10 or so in the basement. Did I mention I am going here tomorrow? I will be bringing more yarny goodness home...and I get to see some yarn on the hoof, too.....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I've Joined Blog Group at Ravelry...

I've joined a blog group at Ravelry The moderator came up with a brilliant idea of having a blog week...You can read about it here: Eskimimi
So this is what is involved: You blog about a specific topic each day or as many days as you would like....
Day 1: How and when did you begin knitting/crocheting?
Day 2: What pattern or project do you aspire to?
Day 3: Who is a great knitter/crocheter that you admire?
Day 4: Is there a skill that you would like to learn in knit/crochet?
Day 5: Where do you like to knit/crochet?
Day 6: Revisit a past finish object.
Day 7: Blog about a particular yarn.
Wildcard: (in case you don't like an option) Do you have a particluar tool/equipment that you love....

These are the tagging codes, so people can get to the different blogs involved, just type into Google.
Day One: knitcroblo1
Day Two: knitcroblo2
Day three: knitcroblo3
Day Four: knitcroblo4
Day Five: knitcroblo5
Day Six: knitcroblo6
Day Seven: knitcroblo7
Wild Card: knitcroblowc

I think it will be alot of fun!!!! I can't wait to get started!

What's New??? Dog Yarn

Last night I went to Knit Wits. I go every couple of months and Marjorie was wearing her sweater/jacket that she edged with fur from her late Saint Bernard, Poppy. Every time she would bath the dog, she would save her hair. She still has quite a bit, but she has had some spun into yarn. I know I bought some Seven Sammys and Puppy Love yarn from Still River Mill Although I have not used it yet. It was really cool to see Marjorie's jacket.

Monday, April 19, 2010

One down...several to go...

Only posting a tease of the latest completed project, as occasionally the recipient browses the blog....
Yesterday I met a friend at the mall that I haven't seen in awhile. I was suppose to go to her daughter's 1st birthday, but was in TX at the time...So we met, so that I could give her daughter the gift..Yep, it's still sitting here, on the floor by the computer! I will have to mail it, but enjoyed our visit. Meant to take pics, but just didn't..

On the way back, of course, I had to stop at Creative Fibers to browse. I really didn't need a thing, which I always feel after "stashing" a bit on Rav. Anyways came away with 2 Koigu - which are destined to be fingerless gloves and some Encore and a bunch of buttons...It was a good day. I also used my new shopping bag that I received in the last Surprise Swap...

I took a random shot of Hartford out my windshield, as I liked the way the clouds looked...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Surprise Swap...

The Surprise Swap on Ravelry is no longer, but I snagged a surprise right before it closed. I received a wonderful package from "Swordsandneedles" on Thursday. I've been so exhausted that I just got around to a pic today...It is kinda grey out, so pic is a bit dull...I got a wonderful skein of Wollmeise Superwash in "We're Different" a bright kelly green. Some mini Cadbury eggs (cuz Easter candy is the best) A great bag, I'm gonna leave in my car for shopping. Some GEEKSOAP One has a Star Trek emblem and one has, I think, an alien or space ship in it. Too cool!!!!! I also got a sheep statue that I almost bought myself a few months ago. I started collecting sheepy things, along with llamas and alpacas...And a great sheep notebook...Thanks so much! So sad this swap is not more, I really enjoyed it! It also all came in a fun box, that previously housed chocolate!!!


Yesterday I had some former students, who are now in sixth grade, help me out in my room. We had to move some things around...classroom is still a mess, gonna go in for a couple hours on Monday to clean and do lesson plans...

We went out to eat after and had such a great time. I have lots of love for this group of kids. I looped with them from second to third and they are such a great bunch of kids! A couple of them, who no longer attend our school, still stay in touch via email and such. Also saw two from that group at school yesterday, as they had stopped by with their mom. So it was like a mini-reunion....

After dinner, we went to the mall and walked around window shopping....we tried on some things, I bought some stuff at MAC....It was interesting to talk to them and "hang" out and they have so much to say....and much more adult-like then third graders...Seeing as I might be moving to fifth grade next year, it was interesting for me....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

LAst Post on Corpus Christi and the Last Thing I Completed...

My dad is a UCONN Lady Husky fan. Since they were playing in the NCAA tournament the weekend he was in the hospital, I decided to make him a bear in their colors. I went back to Hobby Lobby. We don't have any Hobby Lobbies in CT. I bought some I Love This Yarn, which is a soft acrylic that is the store yarn. So I made him a bear to keep in his hospital room. My brother is in the picture and has a UCONN sweatshirt on. He now says he sleeps with it :)!!! As you can see, by then he was also feeling much better and looking much better....I tried to find a LYS in Corpus Christi, but it is now a nail salon. I was bummed....The other picture is my dad with his primary nurse, Elaine, until his last couple of days. She was absolutely wonderful!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hanging in Corpus Christi

My dad is a reader....well he didn't have any books with him. We devised a way to communicate. We wrote out the alphabet and he pointed to the letters. He was able to write a little too. I asked him if he'd like a book and he said he'd like "Angels and Demons". So Aunt Kathy, Tracy and I set off to find the book for him. Well we stumbled on this great used/overstock bookstore that had a small coffeeshop attached...we loved it! We ended up going back twice more before we left town. Although we did not find Angels and Demons there, I eventually bought 5 books there :)
There was a Barnes and Noble in the same area, so we found the book for him there. It was an illustrated copy and looked very nice. I started to read it to him the next morning. He was about a third of the way through when he was released from the hospital. So if you are a reader and you ever get to Corpus Christi this is the place to check out...Cafe Calypso and Half Priced Books. They are on South Padre Island Street (which pretty much everything is on)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Corpus Christi - part 2

We could only visit dad in ICU for 1 hour, four times a day. That left ALOT of downtime. Sometimes we just went back to the hotel and slept or vegged out. Sometimes we decided to do something. One day, we went out to South Padre Island. It was Uncle Frank, Aunt Kathy, Tracy, Mike and I. Mike had already been out there, as he rambled around at night (he works third shift, so he had a different sleep clock then the rest of us)

We collected some shells for Mike's daughter and Tracy's daughter. We took some pictures. So some giant dead jellyfish. The car was able to drive onto the beach, which was very strange. The beach was nice, but very dirty. Spring break had been the week before, we wondered if they do a beach cleanup after spring break. The water was cold and it was extremely windy. On the way back, we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. They had the biggest soda glasses I've ever seen! We did a bit of touristy shopping...It was a good day and then we went back to the hospital.

Corpus Christi - part 1

Last Sunday night, March 21. I got a call from Texas. My dad had a heart attack and was in ICU. They were unsure if he would make it through the night. My brother and I left about an hour later. We chose to drive, even though it would take longer. It would be cheaper and we would have access to a car while there. It was a long drive and took about 35 hours to get there. We arrived on Tuesday about 6 in the morning. Luckily the hotel was able to check us in early. We both took showers and went to the hospital. My dad was in and out, very sick and it was touch and go for about 5 days. But he made a miraculous recovery (as his doctor said - they really didn't think he'd survive) He is now home in Houston and doing well....Here are some pics of our ride down and seeing Dad. I had called his sister Kathleen and his brother Frank and they joined us in Texas. Aunt Kathy's daughter, Tracy also came with her. The rest of his family lives in Texas.