Saturday, April 17, 2010

Surprise Swap...

The Surprise Swap on Ravelry is no longer, but I snagged a surprise right before it closed. I received a wonderful package from "Swordsandneedles" on Thursday. I've been so exhausted that I just got around to a pic today...It is kinda grey out, so pic is a bit dull...I got a wonderful skein of Wollmeise Superwash in "We're Different" a bright kelly green. Some mini Cadbury eggs (cuz Easter candy is the best) A great bag, I'm gonna leave in my car for shopping. Some GEEKSOAP One has a Star Trek emblem and one has, I think, an alien or space ship in it. Too cool!!!!! I also got a sheep statue that I almost bought myself a few months ago. I started collecting sheepy things, along with llamas and alpacas...And a great sheep notebook...Thanks so much! So sad this swap is not more, I really enjoyed it! It also all came in a fun box, that previously housed chocolate!!!

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