Sunday, September 20, 2009

Danae's Grandbabies

My friend, Danae, has five children. Two of her daughters are married and have babies of their own. Ashley has Jack, who is a little over 2 and Cindy, who is 2 months. Jessica has Ethan. I have made sweaters for each of them. The variagated hooded was one for Jack (there was another one I made, too). I made the blue one with fish buttons for Ethan. The blue and purple one is a BICO (Baby It's Cold Outside) pattern. However after I finished it, I realized I used the wrong size hook and it may be too small for baby Cindy. If it is I will make another. I have two more baby sweaters to make for my friend Jen's baby boy Kai and my friend Deb's baby boy Cameron (who's sister Makayla I make a few sweaters for too) I really like making baby sweaters.

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