Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shades of Grey or Gray

The other day, we read the word grey in a story at school…one of my brightest students asked me what it was….so then we had a mini-lesson on the different spellings of words depending on what country you might be in…

I wandered by gray country at Rhinebeck…truly I did not know there were this many shades of grey…it was amazing….





This were all on sale from Tess’ Designer Yarns.  She seemed to be doing a pretty brisk business…and I thought about purchasing a skein or two….they felt really nice….but three things stopped me…

1.  No prices listed, you had to ask a sales rep and they read it from a sheet…(I hate that!)

2.  There was a bit of a line…I was all for avoiding lines at all costs…

3.  I got distracted by the disco ball, when I turned around….this meant I was by Red Maple Sportswear, which was Rhinebeck Bingo Headquarters and the makers of these:

DSC00988 My husband has declared them the best socks ever (I bought him a pair last year)…and I treated myself to the stripy ones, which I am wearing right now….

I wore gray though out my sophomore year of high school…I really like the color grey….but ya’ know shiny things, they do distract….

And when I saw all this grey/gray, it made me think of mooncalfmakeswho has admired a grey skein or two..


The Gingerbread Lady said...

Strangely enough, I bounce from phases where I can't get enough colour, to my monochrome phase ... and I love grey, too. It is such an interesting colour, from kind of an anthracite near-black to a soft blueish dove grey (yes, I said it: grey!)

mooncalf said...

Oh wow I *do* like grey. Well, I like knitting with other colours too but I seem to end up getting most use out of the finished knits that are in grey or other neutral colours...

I don't like having to ask the price of things either. I can't understand why they'd do that? Surely it is worth getting a few price stickers to avoid embarrassing people who have to ask the price?