Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We then went to a couple of local stores: Ollies and Joanne's. It was a wonderful day and I was so sorry for it to end. They all left about 8:00. I loved that I was able to go down and get to meet my friends for the first time. It was a blast!
The next day I wandered around a bit and did some shopping. I took a few pics of some farms. I also visited The Amish House and Farm which was very nice. On Monday when I left, I stopped by Amy's on the way out. I had left something in her car. I got to meet Chris and we all had lunch. Amy then planned out a yarn route for me to take home. I found two of the the stores, but only one was open. It was Twist Knitting and Spinning in New Hope. I bought a skwin of Rowan and some great buttons there. The owner and the other two ladies were extremely friendly and helpful. They were changing things around in the shop and kept apologizing. The shop was very cute with a good selection. If I lived closer, I would definetely shop there often. Then I drove home and spent a loooooong time on Route 202. Then went through the HELL that is the GW Bridge, paying $8 for the priviledge. I just wanted to get home and ended up going through NYC and it was a BIG mistake. What a nightmare! Finally got home and am still tired, but the weather has been yucky, so I think that is part of it....What a great trip!

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