Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jade, CT Sheep and Wool Pt. 1

Yesterday I drove up to Mass to meet Jade. My friend from the 'ville had her about a month ago. Her original due date was this Sunday, so she was about a month early. She is absolutely beautiful. She slept most of the day, but woke up occasionally. She is very small, probably the smallest baby I've held, but she is steadily growing. Yeah Jade!

Today I went to the CT Sheep and Wool Festival. I went later than I nornally go and the t-shirts were almost sold out. i was able to snag one. The rest were all smalls. It was a beautiful day and packed at the festival. This is my third year attending. The last two years it has been cold. There seemed to be more vendors than the last couple of years, too. These pics are of the fair grounds, a sheep getting ready to be shared (there is education stuff going on) and two llamas that were for sale. I'd love a llama. Alejandro is the white one and I forgot the name of the other....

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