Saturday, April 25, 2009

CT Wool and Fiber Part 2

I did get to see the HHCC ladies. Dee was crocheting with roving, so I had to try that. I bought a ball of roving from a mill in Putnam. Good memories of living in Putnam. I also bought some glass sheep earrings (a ittle hard to see) and a glass button. I am looking for the perfect button for a felted purse I have in mind. I bought a few at Twist in New Hope, PA also. I was doing good at resisting the yarn, then I felt the angora rabbit blend. It is heavily. So right before I left, I bought a skein of it. Probably going to make fingerless gloves with it. Love the colors. I found that print of the wooden spoons and had to have it. Larry collects wooden spoons and it is just perfect. Well guess that's about it. Trying to do some cleaning, then I can sit down and crochet some...

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