Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sheepy Time

Yesterday the Hubs and I went to see The Adjustment Bureau.  It was good.  We both enjoy Matt Damon as an actor.  Although, I’ve really only seen his action and drama films, not too many of the comedies.
On the way home we stopped at the local weekend flea market.  I get a lot of his Christmas gifts here….
I took a few quick snaps..
DSC03412 Those drawers had a ton of crafting supplies in them.  I only purchased two things.  One for an upcoming swap and the second this:
DSC03414 A Sheepy Bank!  How cute is that!  I said, “I’ll put extra change in and when it’s full, I’ll buy yarn!”  The Hubs?  He said, “With the amount of yarn you buy, you need to put in $20 bills!”  Hahaha….Love him! 


Keri said...

Very cute! I wouldn't been able to resist either.

Gleda said...

Adorable! Your husband and mine would get along famously. Rod likes to tell me all the time that A.C. Moore called....their yarn inventory is low. Such wit, huh?

Anonymous said...

a sheepy bank! that's so perfect! and i do have to agree, you'd either have to put $1 coins or bills in that little bank to buy some yarn. :)

ewenique said...

I can never resist those drawers - one finds the oddest bits in there.