Thursday, March 17, 2011

Swap Package

I have been lax this week and have not posted.  I’ve been really tired, report cards, parent conferences, state testing….and finishing my second knit in time for St. Patrick’s Day (that will be in another post)

I did receive my swap package from the “Something On the Side” on Rav.  It was a good package.  I hope my swappee likes hers, but she probably hasn’t received it yet.  I sent it at the last minute on Tuesday…

DSC03500 This was a bath swap. I received some nice cherry blossom lotion and bath stuff.  She sent some Gloves in a Bottle, which I’ve never seen, a bath scrubbie (I think, the Hubs thinks it’s a trivet) and three skeins of yarn.   Love the Happy Feet.  I’ve never seen the cotton brand before and the Knit Picks is a great color!

So all in all a good swap. The only nitpicky little thing is I always include notes in my swap packages, and she did not send one.  I like to tell why and where I picked things up, but that’s okay….

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