Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday FO–Second Knit Finish!

I don’t normally do Friday FO’s, because I tend to just post my FO’s when done.  I finished this one on Wednesday night at 10:45, in time to wear it for St. Patrick’s Day.



I have my giant bug glasses on, it was sunny….This is Seedling by Never Not Knitting.  I love it! 

I had a couple of problems.  I had a hole that I had to fix under the first leaf.  The bottom leaf isn’t as distinctive as the other two, I wasn’t quite sure on some of the stitches and had to watch a few videos.  When I got to finishing, I kept dropping stitches off my needle.  But all in all, I absolutely love it!

The yarn is Wildflower Whimsy Peony fingering in Emerald Isle.  Her site is down now, but she has some great yarn.

I am off to spend the day with my dad, who is visiting from Texas. 


Karen said...

Congrats on a knit finish!!

Rain said...

Well it's beautiful and you look great wearing it!! Wear it often!! I so wanted to try the pattern!

Sherri said...

Well done! It is a lovely hat and I am adding it to my wim list. :)