Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Day Out and About

My dad is visiting from Texas.  On Friday, he, my niece and I spent the day out and about….

He wanted to visit the New England Carousel Museum.  I used to work there.  I ran their “Painted Pony” parties.  These were mainly Girl Scout troops who slept overnight at the museum.  We did crafts, and slept on the hard wood floor.  I did It for about a year.  One of my many, many jobs…

It was a good visit. They are much larger than when I worked there.  There is also a Fire History Museum on the top floor.  So you really get two museums in one….

We also went to the Iwo Jima Memorial in New Britain, CT.   It was a good day.

DSC03529At the museum

DSC03532Riding the carousel at the mall, after the museum.

DSC03533My dad at the memorial

DSC03518Allison ringing the fire bell at the Fire Museum.  It was really loud!


Anonymous said...

Had a great day. Thanks


New End Studio said...

Sounds like a wonderful day out together. There's something special about carousels, wish I could hop on one right now.