Sunday, June 10, 2012

Warwick Weekend

The Hubs took me away overnight for a weekend in Rhode Island.  Our home base was Warwick, where we were the furthest away that we could get!

This is the hallway..and I am about 3 doors up from our room…..waaaayyyyyy down there to the left are the elevators..

DSC02917 Can you say Red Rum?

Anyway, as we were driving along….




I saw this sign about an Art festival…and then I saw all these tents from the highway…so we stopped….




We had found the Garden City Center Art Festival.  So MUCH FUN!!!!!!

These guys were wandering around playing music and having fun…



DSC02878 See this dog or wolf or something?  I was kissed by it….on the forehead….it was a surprise, but made me laugh!

And I purchased GEEKY stuff!!!!

DSC02918 Awesome T-shirt from Periodically Inspired.  We also bought a friend’s baby a Baby Genius shirt.

DSC02916 Very cool necklace and bracelet…very steampunk bracelet….can’t find the card at the moment for the bracelet…

DSC02919 And some Klimt earrings from Anne Made Designs

Awesome! Right?

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Lidi Di said...

Looks like a nice, relaxing weekend!