Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Trip Uptown

So on Saturday, after I ate, I decided to head uptown to DSC01629

However I made a rookie mistake….see I’m pretty comfortable on the subway…I’ve been going back and forth to the city for years…my dad was born and raised there…my aunt lived in Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn until about 15 or so years ago….

I headed uptown and got off on the EAST side and I needed to be on the WEST side…..slap forehead….I didn’t realize it until I’d walked about 4 blocks away from the subway station….so I headed west and kept walking…

then I came to the park, that would be Central Park.  Central Park is what divides the west from the east side of the city….It wasn’t really cold, so I figured I’d walk it, but I also had a pretty full bladder at this point…so I looked at a map and spotted some bathrooms and then tried to find them…

My wandering

That’s my meandering (really I was lost) through the park trying to find a bathroom and after giving up on that, just trying to get out of the park! (The red line shows where I got off on the subway and walked before entering the park)

I thought about hiring a pedicab, yeah, but that would involve uneven bumps along the way…didn’t think my bladder could take that…so I plodded on and on and on….Central Park is about 1/2 mile wide, but I’m sure I walked at least a mile with all my curves and turns….PLUS I came to several deadends and had to back track, as parts of the park are being renovated and were closed off with fencing…It was not a pleasurable experience….I seriously was looking for a boulder big enough to squat behind….but was afraid of being arrested for indecent exposure! 

Thankfully it only got cold when the wind blew, so I wasn’t freezing….it actually would have been a nice walk and I would have taken pictures, IF I didn’t have an urgent need…..

Thankfully I finally made it out of the park and turned down a street that had at the end, a Starbucks….and as I walked in I chanted, “Please have a bathroom, please have a bathroom..” cuz you never know in NYC….They did, with a line….I was doing the dance by the time I got in there….

Then I made my way to Knitty City…It’s a great little shop, seemed friendly, but was really busy, so I didn’t take any pictures…..

Then I walked to the end of their street to the subway and headed back to Grand Central Station…..and the end of my day in New York City…


Aunty Mum said...

Oh you poor thing. I quite like being lost cos sometimes you find the most fantastic things you'd never have otherwise found . . . but not with a full bladder!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Wow, that was a good walk! I'm glad you found a bathroom at the end of it..Starbucks is always a good bet for one.