Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stash Sunday

SO I popped onto Facebook one day last week….I am not a Facebook addict!  I pop in and out, see if there is anything of interest, but I’m usually on less than five minutes.  I don’t play the games, I don’t do the surveys, I rarely re-post anything….but it is a way to stay in touch with family…
So anyhoo, while there The Loopy Ewe posted their weekly update…and wouldn’t ya’ know, it was Wollmeise….Now if you have not heard of Wollmeise, it is that mythical, fairy-butt yarn that everyone talks about…I have four skeins, two were gifted, one I traded for and one, I was lucky enough to purchase.  (I friended someone who lived near the shop in Germany)
So I skeedadled over to The Loopy Ewe and purchased two skeins…all skeins were gone within about 30 minutes!  I had a bit of trouble, as my account seemed nowhere, so I opened a new one…but I received the mythical yarn this week..
DSC01647 Ebenholz, a rich chocolate brown
DSC01648 Spinaci, a greens green
The colors are just so saturated….I never want to undo the skeins, as they are so tightly wound….
See this swatch?  Yup, it’s a swatch for my Nerd Wars dissertation….it’s about 4 x 5 inches and took me about 2 hours….damn knitting is so much slower than crochet! The yarn is Madelinetosh Merino Light in Moorland.


Sherri said...

Knitting IS way slower, but that is a beautiful swatch!

pinkundine said...

The yarns look gorgeous. I still have a skein of wollmeise waiting for me to pluck up the nerve to unskein it!

Your swatch looks excellent, even if knitting is slow!